Brain Fetish By Kinga Korska: Review

Brain Fetish is a psychological graphic novel written and drawn by Kinga Korska herself. The content inside is considered adult and explicit. There’s boobs..Okay.

The graphic novels main focus is absorbing you into modern relationships using psychology and philosophy to make clear and precise points about why relationships fail and work, couple that with entertaining imagery and witty word play. (Well let’s just say I couldn’t put it down)

The story opens with an older woman asking “Is love an important value to you?” Ask yourself that question because if it’s not then this graphic novel probably isn’t for you. For most people, I would agree that love is a very important value, and so we keep reading.. The woman explains that she has experience and advice for us, but first she must deal with her daughter.

As her daughter emerges, you can tell she is clearly distressed and showers her mother with phrases like, “I called him a Dick!” and “Am I supposed to spend the rest of my life with him?” Once her mother settles her down, she begins to explain things we already know about life but refuse or deny them because we are upset, angry, stubborn or just plain jealous. (I think we can all relate here)


Kinga in particular deals with a heterosexual couple as her focus, but it’s clear as you read on that all romances and relationships can fit into the categories that the older woman talks about. She brings to light the importance of communication, how to fight better (Win, Win) and lastly trust and passion.

Key elements from all aspects of a relationship are brought into light. With a little humour and good writing it’s hard not to like this graphic novel. That being said, it will not be to everyone’s taste as the main focus is from a woman’s perspective and ‘dealing with men’ (Which on the outside could be considered strictly feminist) I myself felt that at times characters were slipping into double standard roles while talking about pornography, sexual intimacy and communication skills, yet as I opened my mind more to the idea, I found these topics do not clearly define any individual and can be examined and applied to any gender or any relationship. The key to this novel, is not take yourself too seriously and realise the aims are to help and not hinder.


If you aspire to strengthen and satisfy your relationships, with partners, parents and friends I suggest you read this graphic novel. It will definitely stay with you long after you have finished, and yes it’s not just for girls!


If You liked this review and want to read it yourself Click here to Buy Brain Fetish!


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