Is Bran Stark The Key To Everything In Game Of Thrones?

With so much going on in the world of Game Of Thrones everybody is trying to guess what is going to happen next or why this has happened.

Before we get into this article  it will contain spoilers if you are not watching season 6 of GOT, also these theory’s are not fully my own they have been assembled through out the web and pieced together here with additions of our own added in. You have been warned.

There is countless theories floating around the web more so than the moon landing or aliens, but who cares if the moon landing was faked or not we just want to know all about GOT. Popular theories include Jon Snow actually being a targaryen and even Tyrion being a targaryen and Ramsey Snow/Bolton having a tiny pecker wait what?.

Brandon Stark is not very popular at the moment after it was revealed that he caused Hodor to say well “Hodor” all the time and he left him to die, what a dick move man but he is heavily centred around the story line, So what could Bran Stark mean to the world of Game Of Thrones there has been many theories doing there rounds on the web on Bran we have compiled many different ones to form a link of what could possibly be a pretty solid fact on what the plans for the crippled warg are.


First of all we know Bran can travel back in time or  to visit certain events we seen this with the Three Eyed Raven on a couple of occasions. When we watched a younger Ned Stark battle his way to save his sister Lyanna at the tower of joy Bran shouts father to which young Ned turns around to find no-one standing there. What if Brandon stark returning to points in History has in fact changed history for example. Aerys “The Mad King” targaryen got his name well from being totally mad but through out the series it is mentioned that one mad king went mad due to hearing voices…. What if Brandon had returned to points before Aery’s was bat shit crazy and it was in fact Bran talking in his ear and showing him the army of the un-dead through his greensight capability’s, in turn this caused him to go mad. Jamie Lannester also mentions in Season 1 when he stabbed The Mad King in the back he shouted “Burn Them All” what if he was not talking about the rebels during Roberts uprising but the White Walkers instead.

While it might not be much to go in all fairness it is a theory but in the world of dragons faceless assassins and snow zombies pretty much anything is possible. Brandon Stark is a name given to many of the Stark’s pretty much every generation of Stark has had a Bran but what if it’s the Bran we know? what if he has been travelling back in time and changing events to change the outcome of the time-line. Okay so let’s say in the first time-line nobody heed’s any attention there is no wall stationed by the crows and the White Walkers rock down south and slaughter everyone and Bran does his warg thing and see’s it all which then makes him go back in time to his great great great great so and so on uncle Brandon Stark, Most likely influences his uncle and then gets him to build the wall thus making him known as Bran “The Builder” Stark. It might be a far fetch but going from this list of Brandon Stark’s its quite possible you can gander through the list of Bran Stark’s here.

We all know the Children of Summer created the White Walkers so what if Brandon is going back in time and changing little bits of history in order to bring a better ending preferably one where everybody does not die at the hand of snow zombies. It might also be out there but what if Brandon being pushed out of the window was his own doing maybe with him being crippled it some how changed something in the timeline maybe ye no?.


Read the Highlighted paragraph from a Clash Of Kings.  CREDIT: REDDIT


It really can be possible that the Bran we know has in fact travelled back thousands of years to all his ancestors and made them build walls and destroy ships all great men influenced to do these things to change history. We don’t know what is going to happen with so much happening during the latest season it is quite possible this is all a load of shite and we are completely of. Also what if this is all a dream what if when Bran Stark fell from that tower he went into a coma and this is all a coma induced dream and Game Of Thrones is going to end with Brandon Stark waking up in his bed BOOM how do you like them apples mind blown.


With so many possibility’s I am sitting with my shiniest tin foil hat on depicting what could be the true meaning behind GOT no doubt ill be wrong and everyone will probably die come the end. Have we missed something is there any possible proof out there that Bran Stark is the key to all the events in Game Of Thrones. Let us know in the comments below.






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