New God Of War Game Unveiled At E3!

At E3 this year Sony confirmed at their press conference something that has been long rumored to be happening….. We are getting another God of War game. It has been long rumored to be set in Norse Mythology which we posted about a while ago, and the video Sony released at their press conference addresses this.

Sony spared no expense when announcing the game, they had an orchestra conducted by BattleStar Galactica composer Bear McReary play some of the games score while the trailer was showing (not a bad way to announce a new game is it?)

Sony also released a 10 minute trailer which gives us our first look at the game. The new installment in the series does switch the Greek Mythology for Norse Mythology. It also sees a much older and wiser Kratos. The trailer opens with this older version of Kratos teaching his son (so he settled down and had another family) how to hunt, it then kicks into some of the the brutal weapon and hand-to-hand melee combat that we have all grown to love about the franchise. The trailer then ends with a quieter father and son moment, which lends to supposed wiser take on Kratos we could be getting with this game.


The switch from Greek to Norse Mythology is an interesting one (which is evident by the big battle Kratos has with a dragon), as there wasn’t much more that could be done with the Greek Mythology, so the franchise was in need of a shake up. While some could argue that the series could use a new protagonist as Kratos has run his course, who is to say that we don’t get a new one? The footage we seen in the trailer could be from the first half of the game, maybe we could get to play as Kratos’ son in the second half of the game, its hard to know as the trailer is the only information we have about the game.

While Sony and Santa Monica Studios haven’t unveiled a release date or given us a release window, at least now we know that a new God of War game is on the way. We are pretty excited for it.



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