More Details on Pokemon Go+ Device And Release Window Unveiled At E3!

Nintendo have given us some insight details into the Pokemon Go+ Device and a release window for the long awaited Pokemon Go at E3 this week, and the release is closer than you think.

We know that Pokemon Go is an augmented reality mobile app that allows players to catch Pokemon in real life surroundings and terrains. The Pokemon Go+ device allows players to use the app without the need to have their phone on. The idea behind this device is to allows players to continue playing Pokemon Go without the need to constantly check their phone, which is a smart move by Nintendo as people look at their phones often enough as it is, we don’t need to be adding Pokemon Go to that (haha).

Nintendo gave a live presentation of the device and revealed a bit more information about how it will connect to the players phone. It will connect via Bluetooth. Through the Bluetooth connection players will get alerts to the Pokemon Go+ Device when a Pokemon is nearby via a flashing green LED light. Not only that but by pushing a button on the Pokemon Go+ device players will be able to throw PokeBalls which may or may not catch the Pokemon.  Through various different LED light colors players will be alerted as to  whether or not they catch the Pokemon. Players will also be able to collect items with the Pokemon Go+ device as well as through the mobile app on their phone.


The biggest news coming from the live presentation is that the Pokemon Go+ device will be available in stores at the end of July and will cost $34.99. So you know what that means? Pokemon Go will be available within the next 45 days? Can you believe it? Its so close to release now, you can almost picture yourself capturing a Charmander in the park near your house. The mobile app itself will go live before the device hits stores, so keep your eye on the app store of your Android Phone and the app store on your IOS devices, Pokemon Go is not to far away from release.


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