The First Trailer For ‘Jack Reacher: Never Go Back’ Stomps It’s Way Online!

Tom Cruise returns to the infamous fist punching character in his second outing where he will take the law into his own hands!

After the success of the first outing back in 2012 it was imminent that a sequel would be in the works and after last years finality that a sequel would be on the way – rumours began to spur as to which book of Lee Childs series would be adapted.

But, behold as ‘Never Go Back’ has now earned itself a very tasty first trailer! With Cruise helming the title role, he has help from Avenger herself Cobie Smulders as Reacher returns to old grounds to find one of his own in a spot of bother.
Take a look at the trailer below:

What do you think? Let us know! Reacher returns to the big screen this October! For more, watch this space – nerd out!


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