A Certain Sith Is Making A Comeback To The Star Wars Universe!

For die-hard fans this rumor was in the air right after the very first solo flick (pun intended) – Rogue One was confirmed not too long ago – but now it seems that in fact a certain character is making a return. 

Just a heads up, if you don’t want to know the details look away now!

Okay, you’ve been warned!

Darth Vader, yes the Sith-wheezing legend is set to make a comeback with an appearance in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

According to Entertainment Weekly yesterday, the stand-alone flick is set to reveal some: “never-before-seen characters while also reintroducing a few classic ones. We’re confirming a big one on our cover: the galactic man in black himself, Darth Vader,” it said.

Quoting Journalist Anthony Breznican and a BBC report, said the Sith Lord himself ,
“looms large over the plot, even when he’s not necessarily on screen”.

The  recent teaser trailer (may have) hinted at the familiar Star Wars villain making an appearance, with the help of the music composed by John Williams, including a bit of the infamous Imperial March, used to tell of his approach.

From us here at Nerd HQ – we can’t wait for the best villain (we can be a little bias) to make an appearance and may be Force choke a character or two! What do you think of the news? Let us know! Nerd out!


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