Loot Crate and WWE Announce Partnership For Wrestling Themed Crate!

For anyone that calls themselves a nerd or geek and loves collectibles, you are all familiar with Loot Crate. That fantastic monthly subscription service that provides you with awesome merch and nerdy collectibles. They have a different theme each month, and also run crates for Anime, Gaming and Pets. Well know they have added another crate to that list.

Loot Crate have announced a partnership with World Wrestling Entertainment or WWE for short, to bring a bi-monthly wrestling themed crate. David Voss Chief Creative Officer of Loot Crate recently broke the news stating, “We will introduce a bimonthly WWE crate, featuring items that will appeal to WWE fans worldwide. Each crate will feature exclusive collectibles, apparel and home goods. Look for more details as Loot Crate and WWE launch this exciting crate later this summer.”

While there have been a number of wrestling themed crates such as WrestleCrate and WrestleBox, now with WWE open for a partnership, wrestling fans worldwide will now get an officially licensed WWE crate filled with mystery WWE merchandise and exclusive content wrestling fans we hope you are excited.


Casey Collins, WWE’s Executive Vice President, Consumer Products gave a brief statement on the partnership:  “We are excited to partner with Loot Crate and deliver merchandise directly to our global fan base. This unique strategy allows us to engage with our fans in new ways while providing them with exclusive WWE items and collectibles that will bring them closer to the Superstars they love.”

As a wrestling fan myself I would be lying of I said I wasn’t curious and excited about this. With all the other subscription crates/boxes out there, it is great to final have a wrestling themed one. I would definitely try it out for a month or two to see what kind of content is in the crates. Keep your eyes peeled as the first crate will launch near the end of the summer.



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