6 Characters In The Marvel Cinematic Universe Who May Not Make It Through Infinity War

So far in the MCU, it has become apparent that most of the characters are seemingly invincible. While blows are traded like Yu-Gi-Oh! cards (we’re showing our age here), there is very little risk of anyone being dealt a fatal blow. Some would say it is one of the few detriments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


However, with Infinity War approaching it is surely time now for Marvel & the Russo Brothers to decide that one of the Avengers (Mighty or Secret) needs to make the ultimate sacrifice, not just for the greater good of the Avengers themselves, but also for the purpose of making space within the continuity to keep things fresh for the audience.

The last thing we want to see is our favourite characters dying, but sometimes it is necessary for it to happen in order for new characters to ne introduced in their place and also to ensure that a shared universe like the MCU does not get too crowded. As the great Harvey Dent said – You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

With that being said, we look at who in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is top of the Deadpool and most at risk to becoming Thanos-fodder.


You probably want to tear my eyes out for even suggesting this one, but the Avenging Archer departing the MCU by way of a 6ft box makes an unbelievable amount of sense. You may not realise it, but it does.


Out of all the Avengers, Clint Barton has the most to lose. Along with being adored & admired by his colleagues, he also has a wife, two kids, a home and his best friend is the Black Widow herself. If that doesn’t scream big emotional death to you all, then I don’t know what will. This makes him one of the easiest targets to bite the bullet somewhere in the next few movies and one that could be a propellant ensure a unification of the now separated Avengers.


Well, this one is obvious. He has an Infinity Stone in his head & Thanos will need that stone to complete the Infinity Gauntlet. This means Vision’s time is very limited.

Picture the scene: Vision is grabbed by Thanos and he cracks his vibranium skull open, taking the final gem. Thanos places the stone into the Infinity Gauntlet and fade to black. Cliffhanger into Infinity War II.


Barring Vision learning to live independently of the Mind Stone, this is a scene (or similar) that has to happen and will happen. Vision fans need not worry too much however, he is an Android afterall and there would be nothing stopping Tony Stark creating a Vision 2.0.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch is often one of the most screwed up and powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. Anyone remember No More Mutants? That’s right. With three words she almost completely eradicated the mutant race. She also has a habit of going a bit cuckoo for coco puffs around the Infinity Stones & Gauntlet.


Could Thanos use the power of the gauntlet into influencing her to do his bidding, leading the Avengers to take her out for her own good? Or will Thanos do the deed himself once her use to him is finished? With Wanda Maximoff, almost anything is possible. On the other hand, her insane power could be the key to defeating the Mad Titan of the Marvel Universe… but maybe this comes at the cost of her own life. Watch this space.

Captain America

In honesty, Captain America should have been a goner in Civil War, or at least if they followed the Mark Millar comic book arc a bit closer. In the end of Civil War, Captain America is sniped down by Crossbones and finished off by Sharon Carter (brainwashed, don’t worry). Of course, contracts and box office potential prevent Cap from being killed off however if rumour is to be believed – Chris Evans only has one more movie left on his contract.


Much like Hawkeye, killing Cap would be an ideal way to bring forth the reunification of what became two factions of the Avengers in Civil War. While they may be without their leader & role model, it would spur them on to victory in the great Infinity War. Steve Rogers dying would also be an ideal platform to spear head an Iron Man 4 based on the Bottom of the Bottle story line where Tony Stark is an utter mess. Give us a Tony Stark redemption story, the real Mandarin & Falcon/Bucky picking up the Shield and we’ll gladly sacrifice Cap.


Well, Thor’s next outing is sub-titled Ragnarok. Ragnarok for the history buffs out there is of course a form of Apocalypse that occurred within the Norse mythology. Within the Marvel comics, Ragnarok depicted the literal fall of Asgard and you would expect something similar to happen in the movie with Loki’s scheming & Hela arriving, even with a Hulk on Thor’s side.


It’s worth remembering that there is the little problem of an Infinity Gauntlet & the Tesseract hiding in the vaults of Asgard. It is widely regarded that the Gauntlet that Thanos grabbed in the Age of Ultron end-credits scene is a dud, and he will have to collect the legitimate one along with the Tesseract to complete his mission. Standing in his way of course is the mighty Thor. Thanos may well strike down Thor following Loki’s inevitable betrayal of his brother.

Fear not though, should this happen, Tony Stark has form of creating a Thor clone after real Thor vanished. It did kill Goliath, but when has any of Tony Stark’s ideas ever worked out perfectly?


On the other hand, Thor may survive and it is his scheming brother Loki that ends up taking a long dirt nap. It has been speculated and even semi-confirmed by Hiddlestone himself that he won’t have much more of a role to play in the MCU. It is also widely rumoured that he is in contention to play the next James Bond.


A fitting way for Loki to achieve redemption for his many sins throughout the history of the MCU would be to die in an attempt to stop Thanos achieving the glory he seeks and to save Thor’s life in doing so. We’ve always known Loki to have an occasional good bone in his body and if Phase 2 was Marvel’s Empire Strikes Back, then having the ever-present evil over-lord pull a face turn could very well be the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Return of the Jedi moment.

Do you agree with our picks? Think it should be someone else who takes a long walk off a short cliff in the MCU? Black Widow? Falcon? Fury? Let us know!


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