Has Mark Hamill Spilled The Beans On His Future In The Galaxy?

Ever since the opening of The Force Awakens last year it has become clear that our original heroes may be under a little bit of pressure – now in recent news, it seems Luke himself is doubting the writers.

Just a little known warning a SPOILER effect is in place.

Last night, The Big Issue in London had a special event, where Star Wars star and long-time fan of The Kinks Mark Hamill interviewed the band’s Ray Davies.

A lot of the conversation centered around the band but Hamill himself may have dropped a little (spoiler) on his potential Star Wars future:

“I finish Episode VIII, and then I’m out of work”.

Now this is 100% speculation on all parties at the moment but if they were to take anything from episode 7 this could be somewhat true? We are just going on what we have heard, so don’t be getting your midichlorians in a twist just yet! We still have to wait a year and a half for the next chapter!

It is still very much up in the galaxy still – so we want to know your views! Tell us in the comments! Nerd out!


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