Batman Bedtime Book On The Way!

Have you ever found yourself setting your kids down to sleep, and wanting to read them a bedtime story about Batman and all of his allies/foes? Have you ever wondered if there would ever be a book of Batman bedtime stories given the fact that there are hundreds of bedtime stories books out there? Well wonder no longer, as one is on the way.

Every little wanna be crime-fighters need a good bed time story to be tucked into ever night, and this is exactly what author Michael Dahl is bringing them.  This book entitled Bedtime for Batman will be the latest entry into Dahl’s “Goodnight” book series, which has other entries such as Goodnight Baseball,Goodnight Football, and Goodnight Hockey.  Dahl is delighted to announce this, his first collaboration with DC Comics in his career, which includes over 100 children’s books, and he seems it be fitting that Batman be the star.

Bedtime for Batman is a new kids bedtime story book coming from Dahl, and it is illustrated by Ethen Beavers. Beavers has previously illustrated several DC Super Friends comics such as Bad Weather, Big Heroes, Flying High, and Super-Pets! So his artwork will be quite complimentary to a superhero themed bedtime story.


When asked about is thoughts on the upcoming release and the reason behind the book, Dahl had the following to say: “When I was a kid I ate, breathed, and slept comic books. I wanted to be a superhero, so this book is for all those kid heroes out there. Be brave, be strong, and get some sleep!”

We are not going to lie, this a pretty awesome idea for a kids bedtime story book. Who hasn’t always wanted a kids bedtime story based on a superhero? let alone one based on Batman? If such a day comes when any of us have kids, you can bet that we will be reading this to them every night, or any other superhero bedtime book Dahl make write.

Bedtime for Batman hits books stores and online on August 1st.


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