Birchams Art Is Your One Stop Shop For Kickass Nerdy T-Shirts!

Being a Nerd, a Geek or whichever spin on the word you want to put on it, has its own appeal. There are plenty of sites with awesome nerdy/geeky clothing for us to get some sweet t-shirts and gear from. Today we bring you a site that has some of the best t-shirts we have seen.

Some of us attended MCM Comic Con in Dublin yesterday and we came across a merch stand that instantly grabbed our attention. In the sea of people of stands at comic con, this one stand stood out the most. It was a stand for t-shirts designed by illustrator David Bircham. To say that these t-shirts were amazing would be an understatement, I didn’t hesitate to pick up a couple. I picked up a Deadpool one and a Joker one the designs for which you can check out below.


Bircham has a lot of other designs and he is an extremely talented illustrator, all of his designs cover plenty of nerdy shows/movies, such as Marvel, DC, Batman, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, TMNT, Star Wars, Dragonball Z and plenty of others. Each tv show or movie t-shirt each have a few designs so there is plenty to choose from. If t-shirts don’t appeal to you (we would be surprised if they didn’t) you can also buy the designs as prints which you can hang up in any room in the home. The designs themselves are good enough to hang in any room of any home.

We can’t say enough good enough stuff about their gear, it is amazing. You can check out all the designs Birchams Art have at their web shop here They are definitely worth checking out for anyone that is a fan of awesome t-shirts.


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