BREAKING: Red Dead Redemption Coming To Xbox Backwards Compatibility Program!

Red Dead Redemption fans rejoice! The infamous Wild West set open world game developed by Rockstar Games is coming to Xbox One! 

When the Xbox Backwards Compatibility Program was first announced, Red Dead Redemption was one of the most desired and asked for games to be added to the program. Now, from July 8th 2016, Xbox One owners will be able to play the adored title once more on their next gen console!


Should you own a copy of Red Dead Redemption all you will have to do is insert the disc & download the game. Those without, will be able to pay a fee to play the game however this fee has not been disclosed yet.

This news will obviously come as a disappointment to Playstation fans who would have been hoping for a remaster/re-release due to the fact that the PS4 does not currently support backwards compatibility. .


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