Nerd Lowdown Books The Upcoming WWE Draft!

We bring you one of our irregular wrestling posts, and this post is about the big event that is set to ignite the wrestling world next week. Next Tuesday, July 19th, WWE Smackdown is set to go live every week, moving from its usual Friday night slot. Along with that the first live edition of Smackdown will host the Brand Split, which will see Raw and Smackdown get their own separate rosters. Ahead of this, we decided we’d book our own rosters for each show.

It was announced this week on Raw, that Stephanie McMahon will be running Raw as its Chief Operating Officer, and Shane McMahon will be the Chief Operating Officer of Smackdown. It will be interesting to see who will be drafted to which show next week, but we are going to have our own draft picking 15 superstars and divas for each show, starting with Raw.


  • 1) Dean Ambrose (WWE Champion)
  • 2) Seth Rollins
  • 3) John Cena
  • 4) The New Day (WWE Tag Team Champions)
  • 5) Charlotte (WWE Womens Champion)
  • 6) Bray Wyatt
  • 7) Paige
  • 8) Randy Orton
  • 9) American Alpha
  • 10) Cesaro
  • 11) Bayley
  • 12) Baron Corbin
  • 13) Sheamus
  • 14) The Dudley Boyz
  • 15) Chris Jericho

Reasons Behind The Picks:

While Raw will still be the flag ship show of the WWE, it should show case the company’s current stars. Dean Ambrose as the first pick makes sense considering he is the WWE Champion. Wherever the title is Seth Rollins isn’t far behind. John Cena is still the face of the company so it makes sense to have him on the flag ship show.  The New Day and Charlotte are the WWE Tag Team and Womens Champion respectively, while they could defend their titles across both shows or at joint ppv’s, drafting them to Raw is the best option.

Bray Wyatt is still one of the most beloved stars in the company despite the company never knowing what to do with him, keeping him near the WWE title is the reason for him being drafted to Raw. The same goes for Paige, keeping her near the womens title. Cesaro, Randy Orton, Sheamus, Chris Jericho and The Dudley Boyz are all established names that can add to the roster and help boost ratings for Raw, while Bayley, American Alpha and Barin Corbin are all future stars who can offer fresh competition to the champions of Raw.


  • 1) Brock Lesnar
  • 2) Roman Reigns
  • 3) Finn Balor
  • 4) Kevin Owens
  • 5) Sami Zayn
  • 6) Aj Styles
  • 7) Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson
  • 8) Sasha Banks
  • 9) Rusev with Lana (WWE United States Champion)
  • 10) The Miz  (WWE Intercontinental Champion)
  • 11) Becky Lynch
  • 12) Enzo Amore and Big Cass
  • 13) Apollo Crews
  • 14) Carmella
  • 15) Neville

Reasons Behind The Picks:

Smackdown going live from next week needs to become a huge focus, it needs star power to grab viewers attention each week and right now there is no bigger star than Brock Lesnar, while he doesn’t appear every week, his appearances are special attractions, so drafting him to Smackdown will make it a must see show when he does show up. Roman Reigns  can establish himself as the face of Smackdown as it will need a big name to lead it considering Lesnar won’t be there every week.

The main idea with the majority of the draft picks for Smackdown is to build towards the future. Use it to push and create the future of the company and the stars of tomorrow. Hence why Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Aj Styles, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, Finn Balor, Sasha Banks, Carmella, Enzo Amore, Big Cass, Becky Lynch and Neville  have all been drafted to Smackdown to built towards the future. With the World Title being on Raw, WWE can use Smackdown to elevate the Intercontinental and United States titles treating them on the same lines as the World title which is why The Miz and Rusev have been drafted.


There you have it, our own version of the upcoming WWE draft which will be happening next week live on Smackdown. We’d be interested to see if we accurately predict any of the draft picks. Guess we’ll find out next week. We can’t wait.


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