Pokemon Go Is Doing Amazing Things For People’s Mental Health!

Pokemon Go…. That fantastic augmented reality mobile game from Nintendo and Niantic has slowly been rolling out around the world and everyone is getting caught up in the craze that has consumed everyone in close proximity to it.

There have been many positives to the game being released such as people being brought together, people getting plenty of exercise which is beneficial to physical health, and even people going on dates with those they meet while out catching Pokemon.  One of the other huge positives to come out of Pokemon Go is the affect it is having on people’s mental health. The app is helping people anxiety and depression in a big way by encouraging them to leave the house and explore their surroundings. It has been such a big help that people around the world having been tweeting about how it has helped them.

Given how big of a concern mental health issues are worldwide, seeing tweets like this and hearing stories of people coping with anxiety/depression through Pokemon Go is amazing to see. When the game was initially announced, I don’t think anyone could have predicted it would have this positive affect on people. Its heart warming to see this happening as the game is giving people a real boost in confidence and willingness to go out and explore.

We hope that once it roles out worldwide the game will continue to help those battling mental health issues to overcome them and get out to enjoy the world.




4 thoughts on “Pokemon Go Is Doing Amazing Things For People’s Mental Health!”

  1. Pokemon Go is doing having so many positive affects on so many things. Businesses are embracing it, people are finding friends (and some are finding romance), and people are enjoying going for walks. I hope this isn’t just a fad, the overwhelming positivity created because of this game is fantastic! I really enjoyed reading this 😀


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