Wally West Suits Up & New Villainous Speedster Revealed!

It’s been Flash news central the last two days with the reveal of two new Speedsters, one good and one more than likely not so good! 

As suspected, Wally West will be suiting up as Kid Flash in what will make comic book fans faint with excitement. THAT SUIT!

Wally-West-Flash Wally-West-Flash2

Thanks to the Wally getting a blast of anti-matter energy last series and the timeline warping Flashpoint events, it became pretty obvious that Wally would eventually suit up just like his comic book namesake. However, the comic book accuracy of the suit has us dying for the next season of The Flash already. The question now is whether this will last just for the period of time that the Flashpoint arc does, or whether Kid Flash be a recurring character or star in the other CW series.

The next tidbit is even more intriguing and asks more questions than it answers. A new speedster is coming and looks to be the key villain of the series, as most major Flash villains are. This Speedster who looks awfully like the Black Racer from the New-52 Flash comics has been spotted on set filming scenes with Kid Flash actor Keiynan Lonsdale.


There are of course many iterations of the Black Racer throughout the years, but a common theme is that he is a physical aspect of Death and needs a host to do so. it is very possible that this is an adaptation of that character, much like Zoom was an adaptation of Professor Zoom/Hunter Zolomon.


Another potential identity of this mystery Speedster is the New-52 iteration of the Reverse Flash who also donned a black suit with red/yellow trim (and looked bad ass). Remember, with Flashpoint warping the time streams and events of the past and subsequently the present and future it could be absolutely anyone.


The Flash returns to the CW in October 2016!


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