4 Ways To Improve Pokemon GO!

Pokémon GO has taken the world by storm. With more daily users than Twitter, installed on more Android devices than Tinder and causing a plummet in traffic on Pornhub it is certainly safe to say that Pokémon GO is a rare phenomenon.

However, we do feel that there are some improvements that could be made. Remember, the app is merely days old and there will be many improvements & additions to the game to come in the coming months and even years. After some brainstorming here at Nerd Lowdown HQ we have come up with a short list of features we would love to see added!

NOTE: Server issues, bugs & glitches are of course going to be an early issue with any online based game so we’re going to focus solely on features we want added.

Wonder Trade

As mentioned in our review, we would love to see the Wonder Trade function implemented into Pokémon GO just as it is in the 3DS games. We know trading amongst your friends will be added in a later update & presumably there will be a more open trading market too where you can offer up Pokémon you have spare & seek one you desperately want.

Pokemon Go hands on

However, bar transferring all those spare Rattata off to the Professor for candies, what else are you meant to do with them? This is where the Wonder Trade comes in. Offering up a spare unwanted Pokémon with the promise of getting a random Mon in return would be of great interest and make catching every Pokémon you see more worthwhile. Sure, you might spend ages swapping Pidgeys for Pidgeys but the chances of getting something from another region that would otherwise be unavailable to you makes it all worth while.

Battle Mode

Battling for control of the numerous gyms around your locality is all well and good, however what we really want is the ability to take on our mates and fight for the bragging rights if nothing else. While this would provide another way to gain that all valuable XP & level up, especially for players who are waiting for the official release as they can catch up quicker, it will also just provide a way to battle more on demand than is currently available.



They could even revert this mode to the old tried & trusted turn based method rather than the tap as furiously as you can system currently in place at gyms and it would mean you could float in and out of your battles. Think of it similar to the likes of Words With Friends. You engage in a battle, take your turn and your opponent receives a notification to say it is their turn & vice versa until the battle is finished and a winner declared.

Seasonal Pokémon

We already know that what Pokémon appear in your area is dependent on the weather & environment. In wet conditions, water types will be more prevalent while urban areas are dominated by Rattatas & Pidgeys (and Drowzee’s?!). But what if the seasons also dictated what appeared in your area?


This may function better when later generations of Pokémon are included, but we know that in real life animals emigrate & hibernate for winter while others thrive in these conditions. Why not have this happen in Pokémon GO? Take the Gen III Pokémon Taillow for example. While the urban warrior that is Pidgey (based on a Pidgeon) will not hibernate, the Swallow based Pokémon should – at least in Theory. What if Pokémon like Taillow, Ekans & bug types became less frequent in Winter, being replaced by Ice types and the opposite in the summer? This would add a greater lifespan to the game and also add a sense of further realism to it. Afterall, what sense does it make for an Ice Pokémon to appear in Dublin City on a 20+C day?!

Easier Ways To Obtain Candy

Unlike the traditional DS games, the method of evolving a Pokémon differs massively. Every time you catch a Pokémon or transfer one to the Professor you are awarded candies. Each Pokémon species has a specific candy attributed to them. So Charmander through to Charizard can be evolved & powered up by Charmander Candies. Easy, right?


Not so much. This is all fine for the likes of Rattata & Pidgey who are available in such abundance that you cannot walk six feet without bumping into one. Raticate & Pidgeot can be obtained & gotten to a high Combat Power relatively easily with a bit of graft. The likes of Charmander & rarer Pokémon however are much tougher to do this for. Perhaps the traditional levelling system would be the most ideal to combat this but we imagine Niantic & Nintendo will be fairly set on their current model. In that case, perhaps offering Super-Candy from Pokéstops that can be used on any Pokémon, bonus candies for catching & transferring high level Pokémon along would assist somewhat to ensuring your Charmander becomes that fabled Charizard. The more likely scenario will be microtransactions to ensure you part with your hard earned cash. *sad face*

We’ll admit that these are merely our own dreams & hopes for Pokémon GO we do hope that Nintendo & Niantic eventually go on to implement these features, sooner rather than later. The more features and variety added to the game ensures that it does not vanish from the public eye too quickly, just like Farmville. On the other hand, they may end up staying on the dream pile along with a 3DS re-release of R/B/Y & an open-world multi-console Pokémon RPG…. Some day guys, some day.


One thought on “4 Ways To Improve Pokemon GO!”

  1. Holy cow, Wonder trade in Pokemon Go is the best idea I’ve heard all day! I’ve been obsessed with Wonder Trade in XY/ORAS. Not sure if it would have the same success in Pokemon GO, though… at least not until we have all of the Pokemon in the game.

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