A Star Wars Celebration 2016: Rogue One Panel Recap!

With 2016s Star Wars Celebration day 1 coming to an end in the UK today, we take a look back on what was the most anticipated panel this year: Rogue One – A Star Wars Story.

With our alarms set and live stream links loaded and ready we sat back and were truly transported to what can now be called one of the first unique looks at the inter-galactic war! Hosted by the beautiful Gwendoline Christie, the panel started out like none other.
Opening to the famous original crawl and with the iconic theme ringing out, the screen beginnings the crackle and lose transition on one of the most important paragraphs:

Welcome to Rogue One.

As Christie introduced our new cast members and film-makers, director Gareth Edwards finally showed off the very latest poster for the upcoming stand-alone flick:

With the cast tightly lipped on their characters backgrounds, as expected – there was a few comically stories from the set shared (including a George Lucas visit). Our new villain played by the great Aussie Ben Mendelsohn graced the panel in full imperial attire followed closely by his Trooper squad!

This extremely fun panel was then given a special sneak-peak from the behind the scenes of this latest story, take a look here:

Showing off the many characters and incredible set pieces and effects, Rogue One is sure to captivate the audiences this coming Winter! For more Star Wars news be sure to keep a close eye on our feed – nerd out!


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