Solstice Chapter 1 : Winter (Review)

Revolve Comics is a comic book publisher based in Northern Ireland. Focusing on great storytelling, they nailed it with their first published work.



Solstice, Chapter 1: Winter was written by Danny McLaughlin. The story begins like all great stories, with a prophecy; a saviour who was chosen by the Gods, or Diadeus as they are known, to bring balance and order to the Earth. This chosen one is known as The Herald.


Already I was thrown into what is at stake for our hero, Finn, a young woman; a motherless daughter must overcome great odds to keep the world safe the Eternal Winter. Along with her friend Peta, a creature that can change its shape, she arrives at the heart of her journey. But will she prevail?


Being based in Ireland you can tell that Revolve Comics has taken inspiration from the old myths and legends that the country is known for, while still keeping the story fresh and exciting for denizens and outside readers.


The plot has plenty of magic and mystery but also complexity and depth that pulls the reader into its world. Imagine Avatar: The Last Airbender meets Dark Souls (Sounds like a good time, Right?)


From Chapter 1: Winter, I could already tell that there will be so much more to the story of Solstice and we have barely tipped the ice berg on this Eternal Winter. I’m looking forward to joining Finn and Peta in their next adventure!


As this was the first issue, I expected to be a little overwhelmed with story, just like most comic series. It’s new, it’s other worldly and fast paced. Despite this I found myself begging for more information. “What happens next?” and “I want to know more about THAT character” was all I was thinking. Solstice does demand your attention with its intense and rich lore, and if you give it any less you will be over powered.


The Artwork by Nathan Donnell is bold and striking, like the harsh environment of the Eternal Winter; dominated by shadows and hues of blue to create the coldness of the landscape.

The characters are similar in colour and style to their surroundings making them flow into the background like they truly belong to the earth, hardened and strong.


The panels of the comic are done quite well. They are concise and simple. Just like the beliefs of the characters within its pages. The wispiness of the artwork is what makes the entire comic beautiful and more vibrant than you can imagine, almost like a memory from a dream.


I thoroughly enjoyed Revolve Comics first issue of Solstice and I urge you to join the adventure!

You can buy Solstice, Chapter 1: Winter here!


Happy Reading!!


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