The Demon Is Drafted To Raw!

WWE hosted its Draft last night on the very first episode of Smackdown Live. WWE moved Smackdown from Friday nights to Tuesday’s and hosted the draft which was held to give Raw and Smackdown their own respective rosters. There were some surprises during the draft, but there was also some great picks, and the first of these was Irish.

We were told that there would be six draft picks from NXT, but I don’t think anyone could have predicted how early one of those picks would come. As the 3rd draft pick for Monday Night Raw and the 5th draft pick overall, NXT’s Finn Balor was drafted up to Monday Night Raw last night.


Finn Balor, from Bray County Wicklow right here in Ireland has finally been called up the main roster. Finn Balor arrived in NXT  two years ago and within no time took over WWE’s developmental brand. Despite not winning the NXT title until a year into his NXT run, it doesn’t take away from the fact that he was the most impactful, must-watch talent that was working out of the WWE Performance Center. He was the face of NXT and putting on so many classic matches that helped build up the brand and continue to help it grow during his NXT Title Reign.

Having broken the record for most consecutive days as champion, ending at 292 days, and headlining multiple Takeover events, there was nothing left for Balor to do in NXT, he had done all he could, so a move up the main roster was the most logical step. Monday Night Raw is a 3 hour show, so he will have plenty of time to shine on the show, and there will be plenty of high caliber superstars for him to step in the ring with and put on amazing matches with.


As well as bringing the Demon to Raw, the most interesting part of Balor being drafted to Raw is that Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have also been drafted to Raw. For those who are lost here, while in Japan Balor then wrestling as Prince Devitt, formed a heel stable with Gallows and Anderson called the Bullet Club which dominated Japan for several years. So is WWE hinting a reunion with the 3 being on the same show? We certainly hope so as it would be best for business.

We here at Nerd Lowdown are extremely excited to see Balor drafted to Raw, he has worked hard for 16 years to get to Monday Night Raw, and he will be representing the Emerald Isle of Ireland in a big way each and every Monday night.



4 thoughts on “The Demon Is Drafted To Raw!”

      1. With Brock being a part-timer and Roman failing the drug test WWE needed to make a stament and show they are planning for the future, and they done exactly that by drafting Balor so early!

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