A Raft Of New DC Animated Movies Announced, Including A Batman & Harley Quinn Feature Film!

Warner Bros. Animation regularly kills it with their DC Comics Animated originals and at Comic-Con the next series of movies will surely be true to form! 

At San Diego Comic Con, DC premiered The Killing Joke – the latest animated movie from the WB Animation crew which gives us a feature film retelling of one of the most controversial Batman story lines of all time (and if you wish to see it soon, Lighthouse Cinema Dublin have screenings!).

Of course as it’s SDCC, they could not hold themselves back from giving us even more to get excited for announcing even more material to come from the studio in 2017 & onwards.


First off, was a film we already know is announced: Justice League Dark. For those unfamiliar with JLD, the movie will feature John Constantine, Swamp-Thing and other supernatural heroes who come together too much like their more mainstream counterparts. Being honest, we’ll watch anything with John Constantine.

WB Animated then dropped a bit of a bomb for fans of the Teen Titans by announcing that a Teen Titans animated movie sub-titled The Judas Contract is also in development. For fans of Teen Titans, this is surely news to get very very excited about and we wait with bated breath to see which Titans we get on-screen. In Justice League vs Teen Titans we had Damian Wayne aka Robin rise to the top of the Titans with Starfire & Nightwing as mentors, However, with the DC Rebirth reset bringing the likes of Wally West back into the fold perhaps they will spring for the more mature Teen heroes in the DC Universe.


Lastly, and certainly not least DC revealed an absolute humdinger. In development and being worked on by the legend that is Bruce Timm who is probably best known for his work on Batman: The Animated Series. This tasty little announcement confirms that an animated movie based on Batman & HARLEY QUINN is in the works! Bruce Timm of course created Harley Quinn with Paul Dini during Batman: TAS and any work that comes from either of this legendary pair is sure to get us sweating in anticipation. Unfortunately, no further details have been released yet…. yet.


If you want to catch The Killing Joke, head over to the Lighthouse Cinema site to purchase tickets!


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