Ghost Rider is Coming to Agents of Shield Season 4!

It has been rumored for months, and recent promotional material for Agents of Shield Season 4 added fuel to the fire (no pun intended) but yesterday at San Diego Comic Con, Marvel confirmed that Ghost Rider will be appearing in the upcoming season of Agents of Shield.

Ghost Rider Agents of SHIELD

Gabriel Luna will star as the hell-bound hero, Robbie Reyes, for those who are unfamiliar with Robbie Reyes, who is the third person to take up the helm of Ghost Rider, after Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch.

Reyes debuted in the 2014 Marvel Now! All-New Ghost Rider series having been created by Felipe Smith and Tradd Moore.  He is a Mexican-American teen was gifted the power of Hellfire after he was tragically gunned down during a street race where he was attempting to win money to move him and his younger, disabled brother out of their seedy neighborhood. However, Reyes was revived by a spirited named Eli who revived Reyes (complete with hellish powers!) in exchange for the teen’s help in avenging Eli’s death. Reyes’ version of Ghost Rider ditched the traditional chained-up  motorcycle in favor of a dodge muscle car which uses to dish out vengeance.

We already knew that season 4 of Agents of Shield would have a much darker tone considering how the season 3 finale went down, but the addition of such a dark character like Ghost Rider will bring more drama to the series following its in-human debacle from season 3.

The great thing about the Reyes version of Ghost Rider joining the show is that it free’s Marvel up to possibly pursue a Blaze or Ketch Ghost Rider series on Netflix.  Agents of SHIELD returns to ABC on September 20th.


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