SDCC Justice League Footage Lands!

Not only did Wonder Woman footage drop on this fine eve, DC took the opportunity to show off some footage of the Justice League movie! 

The footage essentially shows Bruce Wayne attempting to convince The Flash & Aquaman to join his cause against an enemy coming from far away (Darkseid, probably) and while one Scarlet Speedster is only happy to join the fray, a certain Atlantean is not so keen.

From the look of this footage, it seems that Zaxk Snyder has learned a lot from Batman v Superman and Justice League while will be in the same aesthetic as BvS, the tone will be a lot lighter and chock full of humour…. or at least according to this footage anyway. Taking the first meeting of Bruce Wayne with Barry Allen as a prime example of quips and jokes flying between the pair, however many will be wary of a Barry Allen that is clearly different from the beloved Grant Gustin.

So far so good from DC this SDCC & it looks like they are making up for previous failings!


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