Fan Casting A Batman Movie: Arkham All-Stars!

With every passing superhero movie that comes out fans always speculate what they will do with the next movie and they can their own movies and think of stories they would love to see play out. With this post, we bring you a fan casting for a Batman movie. One Batman fan, Shane O’Sullivan, send us in the following idea for a Batman movie as well as who he would cast in various roles.

The premise for this Batman story is that Batman is long retired, and Nightwing is watching over Gotham making sure its citizens are safe. When they city is over run by some of Batman’s infamous rouge’s who have come back for one last hoorah, Nightwing turns to Batman for help and guidance on how to beat them and keep Gotham safe.

Then the cast for the film is as follows.


Batman: Michael Keaton.

We don’t need to say an awful lot about this casting, and neither did Shane when he sent us this casting. Batman is long retired, Batman is old, Michael Keaton is the only person to cast in this role. He is getting up there in years, he has played Batman before. Considering the Batman in this movie won’t be fighting to much, bringing back Keaton is the perfect casting.


Alfred: Tom Hiddleston.

This casting may throw a lot of people off, as Alfred is someone who  cared for Bruce Wayne/Batman when his parents were murdered, so why cast someone who is younger than Batman? The reasoning Shane gave us was that casting someone younger would inject some youth into the old cast of the movie and that this is not the same Alfred who raised Bruce, it’s the  Alfred’s grandson, who was sent to live with Alfred to be raised after acting out as a kid, and who has been named after his grandfather. In regards to casting Tom Hiddleston, he is a phenomenal actor, and he has that gentlemenesque vibe.

Commissioner Gordon: Joel Edgerton.

He is an Iraqi  war veteran so he is an expert in combat in close proximity such as towns and cities, so he is now bringing that gritty style to Gotham. We’ve already seen Edgerton in Zero Dark Thirty and The Warrior, so we know he can play someone with a good back story as well as the physical attributes of Batman’s foes.

Joker: William Dafoe.

This casting is a no brainer too, and it is baffling that is hasn’t happened in an actual superhero movie. Dafoe has the look of The Joker as you can see in the above photo. He has a creepy look to him, a sinister mischievous look that would be the perfect opposite to Michael Keaton’s Batman (no we aren’t knocking Jack Nicholson’s Joker).

Riddler: Hugh Laurie.

In an ideal world, everyone would cast Hugh Laurie as Edward Nigma aka The Riddler. The man that punishes his unsuspected victims with riddles and puzzles. We’ve seen how good he is in House. He is a wise crack actor, who could pull of the eccentric Nigma, the quirkiness of the character could be done no greater justice by having Hugh Laurie cast as The Riddler.

Catwoman: Sandra Bullock.

Sandra Bullock as an older version of Selena Kyle is the only actress Shane considered for this role. Bullock is a great actress, who can hold her own in big roles. Not only that but she can be quite flirtatious when needs be which could lead to fantastic chemistry with Michael Keaton as Batman. She also has that look about her that Catwoman has, that I am an innocent harmless woman, but when I need to be I can be one tough cookie. We love this casting as we think Bullock can definitely step up to the role.

Poison Ivy: Jessica Chastain.

Chastain being cast as Poison Ivy is to represent an older version of the character. Ivy much like the other rogues has come back for one last run. Chastain is a fantastic actress and more than able to pull of one of DC’s most iconic female characters, as well as having the look to make the character work due to her fiery red hair.

Nightwing: Chris Pine.

Chris Pine as Nightwing is another great casting, Chris Pine is a fantastic actor, we have seen what he can do as Captain Kirk in the Star Trek reboots, so we know he can handle big roles. He is the perfect age to play Nightwing in this fan casting movie, as Nightwing has been protecting Gotham for a good number of years, so he has plenty of experience under his belt, all the while not being to young to need the full tutelage of Batman.

Two-Face: Matthew McConaughey.

Considering the wide variety of roles Matthew McConaughey has played throughout his career, you can easily picture him as Harvey Dent aka Two Face. He has the credibility and capability to pull off a character with a split personality. He could easily have the audience biting their nails as they get sucked into portrayal of the character.

LAS VEGAS, NV - SEPTEMBER 18:  Singer Meat Loaf arrives at the world premiere of Twentieth Century Fox and New Regency's film "Runner Runner" at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on September 18, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Penguin: Meatloaf.

This is arguably the most surprising casting, but also the best casting. Purely on look alone, Meatloaf is Oswald Cobblepot, he is the infamous crime boss, The Penguin. Even looking at his stage presence, he has that oddness and misfit ambiance that the penguin has. Shane wouldn’t cast anyone else as The Penguin, Meatloaf is the perfect casting.

Mr Freeze: Stanley Tucci.

This casting is not only based on how great of an actor Stanley Tucci is, but also because he has the look of Mr Freeze. Tucci looks very similar to the Mr Freeze we know and love, and the one seen in the 1990 Batman animated series. Tucci would bring so much to the role of Mr Freeze and would certainly add his own touch to the character.

Lucius Fox: Michael B Jordan

The idea behind casting Michael B Jordan as Lucius Fox is to bring a young interpretation to the character and to add a bit of youth to the cast. This version of Lucius will see him drafted to help the GCPD by Commissioner Gordon after getting busted as a computer hacker. He is looking to better himself and make amends for his past life as a hacker.


So there you have it, a simple plot for a fan cast Batman movie, by a massive Batman fan, and the people he would cast in each role. We are big fans of the premise behind the film and who is cast in each role. The big question is when are Hollywood going to start working on this movie?

What do you guys think of Shane’s Batman movie? Let us know in the comments section.


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