If Modern Movies Had Classic VHS Covers

If you’re old enough to remember old VHS tapes you’ll remember that not all of them came with fancy pants high quality covers created by graphic designers on top quality equipment. 

Some of them were quite primitive, and often cheesy (at least looking at them now) but they still got their message across quite well. You strolled into your local video rental store and often you would make a decision based on the cover if you din’t have something already in mind!

Now, artist Steelberg has been incorporating modern movies into retro VHS covers and they look absolutely AWESOME! Check out a few of them below!

Steelberg_Deadpool Steelberg_Ready_Player_One Steelberg_Star_Wars Steelberg_Stranger_Things Steelberg_10_Cloverfield_Lane Steelberg_VHS


If you’re reading this Mr. Steelberg, we would love to see retro covers for Civil War, Batman v Superman & Suicide Squad… Just saying…

If you love Steelberg’s work, make sure to give him a like over on Facebook and a follow on Instagram!


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