OUTATIME: Saving The Delorean Time Machine BluRay Review.

You may remember a few months ago that we brought you an interview with Steve Concotelli, director of the OUTATIME: Saving The Delorean Time Machine documentary. His documentary follows the restoration of the original Delorean Time Machine from the first Back To The Future movie ahead of the 100 year anniversary of Universal Pictures.

A 20 minute version of the documentary featured on the Back To The Future 30th anniversary bluray collection with an hour long version packed with loads of extra planned for release this year. Well the bluray is available to buy now over at Steve’s website which you can check out here, and we have a review of it.


The main feature of this Blu-Ray DVD is the documentation of the restoration of the Delorean Time Machine, one of the most iconic movie cars of all time. Filmed by Steve Concotelli, it documents the restoration of the A car from Back to the Future which was headed up by Joe Walser who himself had built two replica’s of the time machine from an old Delorean.

For the 100th anniversary of Universal Studios, John Murdy from Universal and Bob Gale (one of the co-creators of the film trilogy) spear headed the idea to have the time machine restored to its original glory. He couldn’t watch something that he helped create just fade away. Enter Joe Walser and his restoration team who had one year to perfectly restore the car to its former glory. They worked day and night, round the clock to restore the car.

The main feature documents this year long restoration by two dozen of the biggest Back to the Future fans who made this restoration possible. It is an amazing film which any Back to the Future fans need to see. Without giving to much away, the hour long film shows how the car was restored, piece by piece, as well as being mixed in with those who worked on the project speaking about how difficult it was but also how much fun they had and how honored they were to be chosen to carry out this task as well as members of the Back to the Future cast talking about the project. You’d be surprised how much level of detail went into restoring the Delorean, every single aspect of the restored car is exactly as it was in the original film. It is great film which is something any BTTF fan should check out.



The film comes with 90 minutes of bonus features which include features such as the OUTATIME world premier, the legacy of Bob Burns, deleted scenes, time machine 101, a feature about it being displayed in the Peterson Automotive Museum, as well as the OUTATIME film with commentary with Steve Concotelli (director of the film) and Joe Walser (head of the restoration.

It Belongs In a Museum:

This feature documents the journey of the Delorean on its journey from Universal Studios, to the Peterson Automotive Museum as well as its unveiling there. This personally is my favourite bonus feature, as it shows just how much pride Joe and all of those involved in the restoration had in the work they put into restoring the car and also how proud they were to see the car take its rightful place in the museum as millions of fans worldwide should be able to appreciate the work the guys put into the car. For any Back to the Future fan, seeing the car on display in the Peterson Automotive Museum brings on a sense of pride.

World Premier:

This bonus feature is exactly what it says on the tin, it gives us a look at the worldwide premier of the film as well as words from the film’s director Steve Concotelli (he lost a good bit of sleep trying to get the film finished). It gives us the audiences reaction to seeing the film, as well as what that meant to Steve as the film’s director.


The Legacy of Bob Burns:

This is a great little feature, and it is something I didn’t know before watching it. It is a small feature about a man by the name of Bob Burns, who spent years of his life collecting and restoring old sci-fi movie props, years before movie studios began restoring old movie props. It links Bob Burns and Joe Walser and his restoration team together, through how both were a group of die hard fans who wanted to restore some of their favourite movie props.

Deleted Scenes:

The delete scenes from the film add more to it, some of them include the restoration team debating how much detail fans die hard fans will pick up on in regards to detail about the time circuits. The difficulty they had differentiating the A-car from the replica car Universal had in the theme park. How to replicate the capacitor cases. Members joining the team and how much they analyzed photos from the making of Back to the Future to get every exact detail of the original Delorean perfectly. How the fans helped restore the Delorean.

Commentary with Steve Concotelli and Joe Walser:

This is a fantastic bonus feature, as Steve and Joe sit down and do a running commentary on their experiences of filming the restoration of the car and well as the restoration of the car. I won’t say anything more about this bonus feature as it is something you have to sit and watch to understand how much the commentary adds to the film.


As a whole, OUTATIME Restoring the Delorean Time Machine is a fantastic film, its extremely well directed and put together, it is also a film that every Back to the Future fans need to see. It is extremely heart warming seeing this iconic car being brought back to its former glory. We can’t say enough good things about this film without spoiling what makes it great. If you are in anyway a Back to the Future fan you need to see this. We are giving this film and its bonus features a 10 out of 10, it is definitely worth picking up.

OUTATIME: Restoring the Delorean Time Machine is out now on Bluray, DVD and Digital Download which you can purchase here.

*authors note: We here a Nerd Lowdown with like to extended a huge thank you Steve Concotelli for taking the time to allow us to conduct an interview with him a few months ago, and for allowing us to review his movie. We’ll be running a competition with him soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that.



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