Sony’s Uncharted Movie Has Found It’s Writer!

The Uncharted video game series has been a huge hit over the past decade, made by Naughty Dog, the guys that brought us Crash Bandicoot, and The Last Of Us, the series has captivated the attention of millions of fans worldwide. Following on from its huge success, Sony Pictures are set to turn it into a film.

The film is currently doesn’t have a release date yet has finally found it’s writer. Director and Writer Joe Carnahan is set to pen the script which will see the treasure hunter Nathan Drake brought to the big screen.

Carnahan, has done writing for films such as The Grey, The A-Team, and Smokin’ Aces 1 & 2, and is set to start work on the script for Sony, but unfortunately he won’t be able to direct it due to a scheduling conflict.  He recently spoke to Variety about it, and had the following to say: “In a perfect world I would love to do both, but right now, I’m only on board to write the script,”


Unless the production for the film changes it doesn’t look like Carnahan will get his chance to direct and write the film, he will have to settle with just writing the movie. Interestingly enough, his fascination with archaeology made getting on board with writing the film an easy sell.

He said the following about his love for archaeology:  “Archaeology today is in itself an antiquity, but that world has always fascinated me. Especially when you go to a museum today and wonder how a piece got there to begin with,” he said. “Plus, the property itself is so popular that it was hard to turn down an opportunity to work on it.”

Uncharted is set to be a  joint venture between Arad and Atlas Entertainment Production, with Charles Roven, Avi Arad, Alex Gartner, and Ari Arad serving as Producers, and Jonathan Kadin taking the lead on the project. We are huge fans of the series and can’t wait to see Nathan Drake brought to life on the big screen.


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