First Trailer For Starboard Games ‘INT’

Earlier in the year we got an early access peek at Starboard Games upcoming new title called INT!

Along with Hugh Thornton (Lead Coder for the project) we got to play a small piece of the expansive world of INT. With immersive artwork and a compelling story this Sci-Fi Western was sure to peak our interests. Now Starboard Games have released an official trailer for the game!

Click Here to check out that initial interview with Hugh Thornton

Just over a minute long the trailer is simple with a first person perspective walking slowly through the ruined building. A prophetic voice eerily narrates while you are moved through the shadows and debris. Calmly stating that this is the end of the world, but not the end of the universe!

Take a look at the trailer below!



With INT’s massive universe and so much many creative and artistic minds behind the project, we can not wait for its release! Its also not a surprise that Starboard Games are making a huge name for themselves in the gaming world as they are said to win Indie Of the Week! 


If you liked the look of INT and are just as excited for the project as we are check out their Facebook page and give them a like!


Happy Gaming Folks!




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