New Pokemon Sun and Moon Video Brings Plenty of New Information!

Nintendo dropped a blockbuster of a video today for Pokemon fans, and it doesn’t fail to deliver. The video which was released on youtube gives fans a look a new Pokemon, new battle moves, new forms of classic Pokemon and what could be a change to the gym system.

The first big change we see in the above video the Aloha  versions of classic Pokemon which have different forms and types. Both Vulpix and Sandshrew  as well as their evolve forms Ninetails and Sandslash will appear in the Alola Region, but as Ice Types instead of their usual fire and ground type. Exeggutor will also have a new form in the game which looks more like a walking coconut tree rather than its traditional form.

We also get a look at 6 new Pokemon


Oricoro: A bird Pokemon that has a different type on each Alola region Island which adds a bit of variation to the game.


Minior: A Rock/Flying type that resembles a meteor.


Gumshoos: Is Yungoos’s evolved form and looks to be an older version of the ferret Pokemon.


Fomantis: A nocturnal Grass type Pokemon and


its evolved form, Lurantis. 


Mudbray: Is Mudsdale’s pre-evolved form.

Z-Moves were also unveiled. Z-moves are super powerful attacks that can be used by Pokemon once per battle. The moves are triggered by a Z-Ring, a special bracelet that can hold a Z-Stone, which is very similar to how Mega-Evolutions work. When a Pokemon holds an identical stone to the Z-Stone in their trainer’s Z-Ring, they can use a Z-Move. There will be be a Z-Move specific to each type of Pokemon.

Island Trials are another new feature that have been announced, and it is unclear as to whether they will replace or compliment the traditional gym system from all previous games. Players will need to clear each Island Trial before moving onto the next island. The Trials have multiple different parts, not all of which involve battling though. A player will first need to clear a challenge by a Trial Leader. After clearing the first part of the challenge, players will then enter an SOS battle with a powerful Totem Pokemon that is much larger than a normal Pokemon. SOS Battles are 2 on 1 handicap battles, so trainers will be an extra disadvantage.  The trainer’s final test will be to battle the Island Kahuna in a grand trial. This new features brings something fresh to the series which it has needed for quite a while.


That is a lot of news to take in for one video, and some of the new features that are being brought to the game are a nice addition and a good way to bring something new to the series. The new forms of old Pokemon are a nice nod to fans of the older entries in the series and the new Pokemon are some of the better ones that have been revealed. The excitement continues to built towards November 18th when we can get our hands on the latest entry of one of the most beloved video game series in history.


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