Suicide Squad Mid-Credits Scene Explained!

Suicide Squad has come out to a flurry of vastly differing opinions among fans & critics alike (get our review here) but one thing is for sure it has a mid-credits sequence that is among the best! 

If you haven’t already seen Suicide Squad, then perhaps you better bookmark this article & return to it later. Spoilers etc.


Ok, let’s get going so?

In all honesty, the scene itself is self-explanatory really but what it does is connects the Suicide Squad into the greater DCEU and the eventual Justice League film.

We see Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller sitting in the same restaurant from earlier in the film, however this time she has a meeting with the one and only Bruce Wayne.

In the wake of the events of Suicide Squad, Waller will surely have a number of supervillains after her along with a number of Government officials looking for her head on a pike due to what happened in Midway City. Bruce Wayne offers her protection from his “friends” however this obviously is not going to come free of charge. Whether this help is from Bruce Wayne’s friends or Batman’s friends is unknown however…

The cost for protection isn’t a weapon or an artifact, it’s an ARGUS file. However when Bruce opens this file we see exactly what it contains and why Mr. Wayne is bribing Amanda Waller for it. This file contains all the information Wayne needs on Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen aka the Flash & Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry aka Aquaman. A superb way to tie Suicide Squad into the Justice League in an almost Nick Fury/Avengers Initiative sort of way.


Waller compiling all this information on the DCEU’s Meta-Humans, hero & villain alike, confirms that Lex Luthor was not the only one doing his research on the Meta-Human Thesis. Was Waller potentially lining up the likes of The Flash & Aquaman for her Taskforce X before settling on villains to do the dirty work instead?

As Bruce Wayne leaves with the file, Waller has a shot at him and his extracurricular activities telling him to stop “working nights” and thus revealing that she knows he moonlights as the Dark Knight. Of course, there is nothing that happens in the DC Universe that Amanda Waller doesn’t know of. Bruce Wayne replies stating that he and his (newfound on file) friends will handle situations so that Taskforce X do not have to get involved.



This is a fantastic way to tie the events of Suicide Squad into the formation of the Justice League – as if Waller & Bruce Wayne had the same idea but different ways of carrying it out. It also shows us how involved Bruce Wayne/Batman will be outside of his own films and will be the real tent pole star of the DCEU.

Suicide Squad is in all cinemas nationwide.


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