Suicide Squad Had How Many Versions? Director David Ayer Dishes Out Details!

Suicide Squad has been out nearly a week now and has been met by such a widespread mixed reaction. Some people love it, and some people hate it. Regardless of what people think of it, it is doing extremely well at the box office. As a film goes through the editing and post production phase to get the final version deemed worthy enough to release to the public, it has many different versions and Suicide Squad is no different. 

It comes as no surprise that Suicide Squad  had multiple versions being put together before the theatrical version we have now was released. There were several versions of Batman Vs Superman made, with the theatrical version being released, followed by the extended version on home release. Suicide Squad  director David Ayer  recently spoke to Empire Magazine about the film and give some surprising information about how many versions of the film there was.


“There may be six or seven different versions of the film.” he told Empire, he went on to say: “There’s a linear version we did where it opens up with June Moon  in the cave and tells the story in sequence with the arrests and Batman, and then we go to Belle Reve,” Ayer said.. “The first script started in Belle Reve and told the backstories of everybody in these sort of flashback montages. The original conception is that there would be these memory bursts as they sat in their cells recalling their previous lives and also get the audience up to speed about who they are and how they ended up there. The first impulse was always to do a montage in the first act, but you chase different things.”

He continued on with the following about the linear version: “the test audiences were a little disoriented as to who to watch and why. So we came up with what we call the dossier version, which has Amanda [Waller, played by Viola Davis] presenting the backstories and origins of the various members.”


While we know that films will have different versions before release, but to have 6 or 7 is quite staggering. Having that many different version suggests that there may have been several levels of disagreement behind the scenes between Ayer and Warner Bros, or that they couldn’t decide on how they wanted to tell the story. The linear version would be great to see, it would be interesting to see the film open with all the arrests before we see all the criminals in prison.

Maybe with the home release we will get to see the linear version of the film that Ayer had originally planned, or maybe even get an extended version, with the number of deleted scenes reported to be 22, it will be interesting to see if we just get them as added extra’s with the home release or if they will be added to make an extended version. Either way there is a lot more the film that we didn’t get to see that hopefully we will get to see some day.

Suicide Squad is in cinema’s worldwide now.




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