Community Creator Dan Harmon Wrote Doctor Strange Scenes!

With the Russo Brothers and a couple of noteworthy cameos, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has had plenty of Community alumni feature so far. The latest addition however could be it’s biggest yet! 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dan Harmon was drafted in to pen some scenes for Doctor Strange! Apparently, the scenes in particular that Harmon was involved in were part of the additional photography process, more popularly known as (but only bad if it involves DC) reshoots. Relax, Kevin Feige schedules two weeks of reshoots for every film!


However, if true, Harmon being brought in to pen some scenes makes sense.  Doctor Strange Director Scott Derrickson is best known after all for Sinister, and shares the writing credits here with C. Robert Cargill (Sinister) & John Spaihts (Prometheus, Passengers). It is very possible that once Doctor Strange hit the cutting room floor, and the first cut was put together, they found that it needed more levity to come closer to that all familiar Marvel tone. Who better to add a bit of dry, oft-blunt & maybe even meta wit than a good pal of the Russo Bros? And that is perhaps the tone of humour that Doctor Strange needs.

When the Russo Bros were first hired for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, many were flabbergasted at the fact that two clearly talented yet comic book inexperienced film makers were brought in to keep steady good ship Marvel after Whedon left. But Marvel have made a knack of taking talent from unlikely places and making it work so bloody well. We’re fully confident you can expect the same here. And hey, when it’s all said and done… maybe we can get that Community movie? SIXSEASONSANDAMOVIE!

Doctor Strange is released on October 28th.


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