Doug Liman In Negotiations To Direct Justice League Dark Adaptation, Gambit Without Director… Again!

While Justice League is currently in production in London, Warner Bros. is going about putting together a Justice League Dark adaptation! 

Director Doug Liman attends The National Board of Review of Motion Pictures awards gala at Cipriani's 42nd Street on Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2011 in New York. (AP Photo/Evan Agostini)

According to Variety, Doug Liman is in negotiations to direct ‘Dark Universe’ which will be based on DC Comics Justice League Dark stories. Liman will reportedly be joined by Scott Rudin as producer & Michael Gilio on scripting duties. This news would also mean that Channing Tatum lead Gambit is once again without a director.

Justice League Dark regularly stars the likes of John ‘Hellblazer’ Constantine, Zatana, Swamp Thing & Deadman. They are in a way the anti-thesis to the Justice League itself and while the main team normally deals with the superhuman & alien, the Justice League Dark deal with more supernatural threats.


The one thing we will ask of Warner Bros. is for Matt Ryan to return as Constantine. Sure enough, he showed up on Arrow and the DCEU is separate from the CW-verse at the moment. But who’s to say that Ryan’s version of Constantine didn’t hop dimensions/travelled through the multiverse and end up within the DCEU?!

The next predicament is of course, what happens with Gambit. With Wolverine III being the last time Hugh Jackman dons the Adamantium Claws, Fox will be looking for a new tent pole AAA star to keep the X-Men Universe going and they may have been banking on Tatum as that star. Now, we can expect another delay in the process. It may even be possible that Gambit is put on the back burner. Remember how it took Ryan Reynolds 14 years to get Deadpool made? Hopefully this isn’t the case though & Gambit will have a new director shortly.


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