Will Doctor Strange Be The Character To Join The Dots Between The Avengers & Guardians of the Galaxy?

With Civil War over, we look towards Avengers: Infinity War with great anticipation and many questions with regards to the future of The Avengers.

The Avengers are disassembled. Team Cap are on the run from the Sokovia Accords and the status of the Avengers Initiative is unknown. Hulk & Thor are whereabouts unknown (at least until we see Thor: Ragnarok) and we are about to see the emergence of Spider-Man, Black Panther & Doctor Strange.


There are also the more cosmic elements of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that will feature further into Phase 3. The Guardians of the Galaxy will be returning, Captain Marvel will be joining the fold and it looks like Thanos will actually get up off his purple ass and bring some pain down on all of those previously listed. We also know that the Guardians will be meeting up with the Avengers in Infinity War if Vin Diesel is telling the truth. But, what if there’s already a key in the lock waiting to be turned that connects the Earth-bound Avengers with the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s galaxy hopping heroes?

It goes without saying, despite this speculation, we must warn you that these details are potential spoilers.


Enter, Stephen Strange.


Now, you may have been thinking that Doctor Strange’s purpose was to as the magic and mysticism to the MCU in preparation for the likes of Iron Fist or the REAL Mandarin. But thanks to his multi-dimensional nature, an expert on all things bat-shit crazy and being able to apparate pretty much anywhere he wants he may just be the interlinking chain between the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

There are several reasons to believe that Doctor Strange may be the link between the multiple different aspects of the wide encompassing MCU.

guardians of the galaxy vol. 2 concept art (1)

The first particular link comes as pointed out by ComingSoon. Not so long ago there was some tasty concept art released featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy and a tentacled space creature that they were fighting. This creature has been confirmed by James Gunn to be the “Abilisk”. Gunn also confirmed that this is a multi-dimensional creature.

Now we point to a Doctor Strange Lego set which also shows a tentacled creature attempting to come through a portal in the Sanctum Sanctorum. The lovely people at ComingSoon believe this to be the same creature as is in the Guardians concept art, and if so it means that the Mystic and Cosmic are already crossing over. It is very possible that a multi-dimensional space creature ended running into Star-Lord & co. in a galaxy far far away via the good Doctor’s most sacred space. Admittedly, this is Easter Egg if even true territory so please bear with us as we put forth exhibit B.


Thor: Ragnarok is currently in the depths of production down in Australia, yet recently they have recreated the vast urban landscape of New York for some of the scenes with Thor & Loki swanning about the Big Apple in civilian garb. Now, why would the Mighty Thor and the God of Mischief be in New York?

Thanks to an eagle-eyed photographer who managed to grab a nifty shot on set we know exactly where Thor & Loki are going. It’s not to apologise to Tony Stark for wrecking Stark Tower during the Battle of New York or to catch up with Steve Rogers and learn more about Midgard pop-culture post-1945. A note that Thor is holding specifically states the address 177A Bleecker Street. Of course, Marvel diehards will know this address to be that of the Sanctum Sanctorum aka the home of Stephen Strange. We can only presume that the Asgardians are visiting Greenwich Village in New York in order to do some research on the entity they are facing in Thor: Ragnarok. Being an expert on all sorts of creatures, deities and supernatural entities, Doctor Strange is the perfect candidate for Thor & Loki to seek a second opinion from.

ThorDoc ThorDoc1

Of course, at the moment we do not know the context of this scene. It may well be the post-credits scene for Doctor Strange/Spider-Man: Homecoming teasing Thor: Ragnarok. Perhaps Thor & Loki approach Strange seeking information about Hela, Thanos & the Infinity Stones or the rumoured Lady Death; or it could be in the same context during the Thor Threequel. Perhaps the Mad Titan ravages Asgard; and the princes of the now fallen kingdom seek Doctor Strange’s advices on the Gauntlet & Infinity Stones that Thanos used to bring the destruction i.e. Thor: Ragnarok post-credits.

While the link between Doctor Strange & Thor is stronger than that of the Guardians of the Galaxy, we can still start to theorise/guesstimate how the Sorcerer Supreme can be key in bringing the many aspects of the MCU together.


It is well established that the true extent of Doctor Strange’s powers are unknown. However, he does possess the ability to time travel (Eye of Agamoto is the Time Stone anyone?), teleport & dimensional travel. Add this to the likes of both thought & astral projection, Doctor Strange can be anywhere at any time and communicate with anyone at any time. The Orb of Agamoto also allows Strange to see events across the multiverse as they are happening. With the correct use of the Orb of Agamoto, Strange may even be the one to warn the Avengers of the coming threat of Thanos. It is also possible that it is Stephen Strange who discovers the Guardians of the Galaxy. If it is the same creature in both the Doctor Strange Lego Set & GotG Vol. 2, then perhaps Strange actually discovers the Guardians while tracking the Abilisk.

In assisting Thor & Loki, and the theory that Doctor Strange is closer linked to the Guardians of the Galaxy then we think, then a whole load more importance may be placed on the Doctor Strange movie and future of the character.


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