Could Arrow Season 5 Villain Prometheus Actually Be [SPOILER]?

While The Flash and it’s Flashpoint story arc has been stealing all the limelight from the roster of CW shows, Arrow has been going about getting back to basics after an absolute shambles that was season 4.


What quickly became the Felicity Smoak & Friends show resulted in the deconstruction of Team Arrow at the end of the season. What we have seen from Season 5 thus far shows us Oliver Queen aka the Green Arrow training up some new recruits and show runners consistently tell us that they will be bringing Arrow back to its core. Non-powered street level criminals with a personal vendetta against Oliver Queen and/or the Arrow. Malcolm Merlyn & Deathstroke, despite their grand schemes, were exactly this.

This is where we turn our focus to the new villain hitting the streets of Star City dubbed Prometheus, another “dark archer”. We’re going to take a guess at who Prometheus may be under that dark hooded mask and what it would mean for Oliver Queen.


First, we need to look at the lore of Prometheus in the DC Comics Multiverse and being honest, it is a bit long-winded and choppy changey as there have been three iterations of the character but his origin is an interesting one that when applied to the Arrow lore gives us a new perspective on the character.

Prometheus was a super-villain who swore to destroy justice in any form. His vendetta is a twisted parody of Batman‘s origin. He was the son of criminal parents and witnessed their deaths at the hands of the police. Years of traveling the world and training made him one of the most dangerous men alive. Throughout his career, he was a threat not only to the law enforcement agencies that killed his parents, but also to superheroes, especially the Justice League.


According to the DC Wikia disambiguation for the character (above), Prometheus came about through an upside down version of Batman’s origin. His parents were criminals killed by law enforcement rather than vice versa, leading him to a life of crime. Green Arrow is not Batman (though he may as well be TV’s Batman), and bar a few Easter Eggs, we have no reason to believe that Batman exists within the Arrowverse; so we should presume that if Prometheus origin follows similar cues, then it will be a mirror of Oliver’s transformation into the Green Arrow.

We all know the rich upbringing & play boy lifestyle Oliver Queen had before spending the five years on the island (or less, thanks to what the flash backs have revealed) which moulded him in to the Arrow to complete the mission his father gave him to save Star City. He also had a loving family & friends before his disappearance despite his own misdemeanours. If we take the island of Lian Yu to be a metaphor for a state of purgatory rather than literally living on an island, imagine someone who had a similar upbringing to Oliver. But this upbringing had much less familial love and grew up in Oliver Queen’s shadow. This is a person who ends up in his own state of purgatory before returning to fulfil his own father’s mission, though this mission of a much more malevolent nature. Who are you picturing?

Five points to Gryffindor if you guessed Tommy Merlyn.


We’ll admit that this is 100% speculation on our behalf and clutching at some straws, but one we feel has some merit. We know Tommy Merlyn died at the end of Season 1 during the Undertaking perpetrated by his father, Malcolm Merlyn. But what if Tommy’s story did not finish there?

It is possible that Malcolm Merlyn fetched his son’s body from the wreckage of the Glades and we know that Malcolm had links with the League of Assassins. The League also possessed (until Nyssa al Ghul destroyed it) the Lazarus Pit which has the capability of bringing the dead back to life, but with consequences. If Merlyn used the pit to bring Tommy back to life it is possible that his “purgatory” was dealing with the effects that the pit has on a person all while being trained to follow in his father’s footsteps. It would also give further precedent as to why Malcolm Merlyn was so adamant that Oliver not use the pit to save Thea, knowing what would happen to her.


If Tommy was brought back to life using the Pit then despite his childhood friendship with Oliver, he may have become bitter and despised Oliver as a side effect of the Pit. Between the Oliver-Laurel-Tommy love triangle, Oliver having a loving family compared to Tommy’s relationship with Malcolm, and overall Oliver being the star of the show while Tommy would play second fiddle throughout their childhood, Tommy Merlyn would have plenty of reason to despise Oliver Queen post-Lazarus Pit. Oh, and Oliver cut off his dad’s arm while ruining his plans several times. With an added bit of brainwashing by Malcolm/The League, a revived Tommy would make the perfect Prometheus and a villain with close personal links to both Oliver & the Green Arrow in order to hit him hardest.

Many will point out that Colin Donnell who played Tommy is busy as a lead in Chicago Med, however the first times we see Prometheus will be as a hooded dark archer. It is probably feasible for a stunt double & voice actor to provide the talent for Prometheus until such a time as Donnell is free and the big reveal can be dropped on Arrow. And hey, Donnell was with the cast of Arrow at the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest over the last couple of days. There’s also the little matter of Flashpoint which provides grounds for the Arrow writers to make any changes they desire and go “Meh, Flashpoint!” to explain away any questions. Maybe we’re onto something…

SAN JOSE, CA - AUGUST 28: Actors Charlotte Ross, Paul Blackthorne, Katie Cassidy and Colin Donnell attend the Archer panel during Heroes and Villains Fan Fest at San Jose Convention Center on August 28, 2016 in San Jose, California. (Photo by Bill Watters/Getty Images)
SAN JOSE, CA – AUGUST 28: Actors Charlotte Ross, Paul Blackthorne, Katie Cassidy and Colin Donnell attend the Archer panel during Heroes and Villains Fan Fest at San Jose Convention Center on August 28, 2016 in San Jose, California. (Photo by Bill Watters/Getty Images)

Arrow Season 5 debuts on the CW on October 5th!


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