Pokemon Generations Anime Series Announced!

Brace yourselves, a new Pokemon anime series has been announced called Pokemon Generations, this is not a beedrill people (see what I did there?). The Pokemon company made the announcement today, and this is no ordinary anime series.

Pokemon Generations is set to celebrate the 20 year history of the Pokemon  franchise. Yep you read that correctly, 20 years of Pokemon will be celebrated in this new anime series.

What sets the new series apart from the original Pokemon anime, is that Pokemon Generations will feature stories and battles based off the plot lines of Pokemon video games (yes they are finally bringing aspects of the videogame series into the tv show).  Looking at the trailer, it looks like Pokemon Generations will relive “timeless moments” in Pokemon history through new eyes. Some of the scenes shown in the trailer include the final battle between Red and Blue (from Pokemon Red and Blue) and the fight between Lance’s Dragonite and the Red Gyrados in the Lake of Rage.

Judging by the trailer Pokemon Generations is looking like it will have a more serious  tone than the original Pokemon anime, with an emphasis on action and the power of Pokemon. Pokemon Generations  will consist of 18 episodes, all of which will debut weekly on Pokemon’s YouTube page. Each episode will be between three and five minutes long and will be released weekly between now and the end of the year. The first two episodes are set to be released on YouTube on Friday, September 16th.

We for one are extremely excited with this announcement, it seems like Pokemon Generations will have the same look and feel to it that Pokemon Origins had. Pokemon Origins was a 4 part anime released back in 2013 which followed the plot of Pokemon Red & Blue, so the new series seems to be sticking along the lines of that anime.

WE CAN’T WAIT! First two episodes drop on September 16th.



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