First Two Episodes Of Pokemon Generations Anime Released Online!

We brought you the news that the Pokemon company were releasing a new anime called Pokemon Generations, which will celebrate the full 20 year history of Pokemon and draw on a multitude of different aspects of the franchise to create new stories.

The first two episodes of the anime have been released on the Pokemon Youtube channel, episode one is entitled The Adventure and episode two is called The Chase.

The Adventure is an overview. It shows Red and his loyal Pikachu battling their way through all six known regions. It shows Red and Pikachu encountering a Legendary Pokemon in each region, including Zapdos, Zygarde, and Landorus, as well as battling common Pokemon like Nosepass, Vigoroth, and Caterpie. It also gives us a good look at well known landmarks like Kalos’s Terminus Cave, the Weather Institute in Hoenn, and Kanto’s Viridian Forest. To make it even better, the episode opens up with a wave of nostalgia. It opens up with the Pokemon Red & Blue opening sequence before transitioning into the first episode.

The Chase features a character who has appeared in several of the video games called LookerLooker is a detective who in this episode raids the Viridian City gym with a S.W.A.T team in order to bring down Giovanni, the leader of Team Rocket.

The first two episodes are a nice way to ease fans into this upcoming web series, both episodes clock in at under 5 minutes and are more action based in comparison to the other anime’s. It is going to be great to see what other stories the Pokemon company will choose to tell with this series. We can’t wait for the next episode to be released next week.


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