Sony Release First Full Length Teaser For Space-Drama ‘Passengers’!

Finally after yesterdays teaser for the teaser we get to sink our nerdy teeth into the very first fresh faced trailer for the latest Sci-Fi Drama: ‘Passengers starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence.

As said before, ‘Passengers’ depicts the story of two beautiful space travelers woken 90 years two soon on what seems to be a human ark to another dimension of space. With on the two to keep them company and what seems to be an impending danger lurking in the midst – it is up to them to save all the hibernating souls on board.

Take a look below:

Visually the film looks stunning throwing some epic cinematography at us along with the deafening trailer score. From what we have seen in this short tease it seems that the two bankable stars have some tremendous chemistry which we can’t wait to further explore this Christmas.
Giving off a somewhat Sunshine meets Titanic vibe, we believe that ‘Passengers@ will pull in great numbers this winter season!

What do you think of the trailer and it’s stars? Let us know! Nerd out!


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