New Power Rangers Posters Tease First Look At Zords!

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard that there is a new Power Rangers movie coming out next year. It is a highly anticipated movie and plenty of details surrounding the film have been kept a closely guarded secret. Today though we have been treated to something jucy.

While the first full look will come at New York Comic Con, today we have been treated to a glimpse of the new Zords from the upcoming Power Rangers movie. The costume designs for the characters have futuristic and alien elements (people said they resembled Iron Man) so it will be interesting to see the studio’s take on the Ranger’s zords and if they will have a futuristic and alien look to them. Check them out below.






The teases for the zords look pretty awesome, we can’t wait to see the film unveil of the zords.

Power Rangers stars Bryan Cranston (Zordon), Elizabeth Banks (Rita Repulsa), Naomi Scott (Kimberly/Pink Ranger), David Denman (Sam Scott), Becky G. (Trini/Yellow Ranger), Sarah Grey (Amanda), RJ Cyler (Billy Cranston/Blue Ranger), Emily Maddison (Rebecca), Ludi Lin (Zack Taylor/Black Ranger), and Dacre Montgomery (Jason Lee Scott/Red Ranger).


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