Four Arrow-verse Spin-Offs We’d Love To See!

This week sees the return of the CW’s four super-shows – Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow & Legends of Tomorrow. 

From Monday through to Thursday nights (American schedule) we have a DC Comics show on CW every night of the week. Although they have so far maintained that they are happy with their current stable, we would love to see a fifth show added to the roster and give a clean midweek sweep!

With such a wide range of DC heroes to choose from (rights issues & DCEU preference given) we pick five possible shows that could film the Friday night!


With an already established background thanks to a season long run on NBC, John Constantine would probably be the prime and most likely candidate to be the fifth Arrow-verse show. After an appearance in Arrow in season four (probably the best of that season) and a mention or two along the way, it wouldn’t be a far stretch to bring the Hellblazer back and kicking Supernatural ass along the way. What may prevent this however is the Justice League Dark film adaptation however, which Constantine (and more than likely not Matt Ryan) is set to be the star of.


Teen Titans

You could probably drop the Teen from the title and just go with Titans, or Young Justice – but at the moment this is not the point.

A Teen Titans production was slated for release on the TNT network but never became a reality, sadly. However now that there are a few more younger heroes joining the ranks of the Arrowverse you could form a spin-off show in order to utilise them more efficiently and give them a headline status – much like Legends of Tomorrow did for the likes of Sara Lance, Firestorm & Ray Palmer.


We already have Kid Flash (Wally West) & Arsenal (Roy Harper). You could introduce the likes of Tim Drake as Red Robin or Dick Grayson as Nightwing within an episode of Arrow “sent by your old rich friend in Gotham, Ollie.”. From there you can start introducing characters on a rotating basis from season to season. There’s no end of characters that could be brought to fruition. Artemis (Season 5 of Arrow) could become a staple member, you could introduce Star Fire, Wonder Girl, Blue Beetle, Beast Boy or Raven to the group and after that you have a massive creative playground to get to work with. Have Green Arrow, The Flash & Supergirl pop in every now and then in a mentoring role and perhaps bring Manu Bennett back as Deathstroke to be the primary villain and you’ve got at least one viewer right here.

Batman Beyond

After the Legends of Tomorrow visited Star City 2046, there was one particular hero that everyone wanted to see. Terry McGinnis aka Batman Beyond.


Batman Beyond was an animated series set in a post-Batman Gotham of 2039 featuring young Terry McGinnis in the role of Batman. Bruce Wayne is in a state of retirement (mostly forced due to medical issues) and reluctantly mentors young Terry after he steals a state of the art Batsuit. Or at least this is the TL;DR version – if you haven’t checked out the series, please do so. It’s AMAZING!

With a Batman Beyond series on the CW (introduced via a cleverly placed Legends of Tomorrow episode) you could go about using the Batman lore without impeding on the DCEU Batfleck movie. With a Bruce Wayne in his 60’s/70’s retelling some of his greatest stories and guiding young Terry in his quest to be the new Batman you have fantastic potential for a series. Cue appearances for time travelling Legends, Speedsters or Titans along with visits from older versions of current characters and you can tie into the Arrowverse without having to rely too heavily on it.

Birds of Prey

One of the biggest positives about the Arrowverse is it’s many strong female characters. This makes a loose Birds of Prey adaptation a decent candidate for an Arrowverse spin-off.


Characters such as Sara Lance, Thea Queen, Nyssa al-Ghul, Hawkgirl, Huntress, Katana, Jesse Quick & more could all contribute to an all-female crime fighting team in the Arrowverse. With Felicity Smoak & Caitlin Snow in the background, you’ve got a team to be reckoned with. If they were allowed borrow names such as Cassandra Cain (assuming Babara Gordon is off limits) to bolster the ranks, you have great potential for a mini-series if not a series that focuses on the women of the Arrowverse.

This may be affected however by the Harley Quinn movie supposedly in the works which is more than likely set to feature a few of the above named characters in some shape or form, but we have hope!

So there you have it, that’s our picks for potential CW series to spin-off within the Arrowverse. Have any other suggestions? Do let us know!



2 thoughts on “Four Arrow-verse Spin-Offs We’d Love To See!”

  1. I feel bad Constantine didn’t make it passed season 1, but if they’re still able to use him, he’d be a great cameo character for the Arrow-Verse. Who knows, maybe it’ll inspire hype for a comeback on CW.
    And I’m totally in for a Batman appearance of any capacity in the Arrow-verse


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