Pokemon Generations Episodes 1-8 Recap!

A short while ago we brought you the news of a new Pokemon anime that would be showing on YouTube every Friday, the show entitled Pokémon Generations would have eighteen episodes and fill in the gaps within some of the videogame series biggest plots.

We are now eight episodes in and we thought we would bring you a round of the episodes that have been released so far without going into to much detail or giving away much of the plot details.

Episode 1: The Adventure.

In the first episode gives an overview of what the series will bring us, it features action sequences and is a montage of the trainer battling his way through various regions with his Pikachu fighting plenty of battles.


Episode 2: The Chase.

Episode two sees a kanto dective and his efforts to bring down Giovanni the leader of Team Rocket. The video is very action packed, we see the detective and his swat team storm the viridian city gym looking for Giovannia himself.


Episode 3: The Challenger.

This video explains something that fans have been longing to have answered, just how did Blue beat the Elite Four, and what Pokémon did he use to do it. This video provides us with those answers. We also get to see Red arrive to challenge Blue, which is where the video finishes up as that is where the players go onto beat their rival and become Pokémon League Champion.

Episode 4: The Lake of Rage.

Episode 4 gives us a look into dragon trainer Lance’s quest to get to the bottom of what is happening at the Lake of Rage and the appearance of the mysterious Red Garyados.


Episode 5: The Legacy.

This is the most surprising episode they have released so far, I won’t mention anything to do with the plot as it gives us a piece of information that ties two big Pokémon characters to one another, I was caught off guard when I watched it, would never have saw it coming


Episode 6: The Reawakening.

Episode 6 gives us a look at someone who has a fascination with the legendary Pokémon Suicine, the water dog. It also gives us more of the back story to the 3 legendary dogs that we got in Pokémon Gold and Silver.


Episode 7: The Vision.

Episode 7 gives us a look at the first of the two legendary Pokémon in Ruby and Saphire. This episode shows us Team Magma’s question to awaken the mighty Gruodon, but it is from a different perspecitive than the one in the video games.


Episode 8: The Cavern.

Episode 8 is similar to episode 7 except it is from the perspective of Team Aqua during their quest to awaken primal Kyogre.

To anyone that hasn’t watched Pokémon Generations yet the episodes are definitely worth watching, besides the fact that are no longer than 5 minutes, the gaps from the video games they fill in are well worth watching them for. We will be back with another recap when episodes 9 through 16 have been released.


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