“The Walking Dead” Season 7 Ep 01 Review.

ABCs Horror romp is back on our screen and we finally bared witness to the utter terror of what is in store for our apocalyptic survivors.


Picking up immediately where Season 6 left the biggest cliff hanger of the entire show, we meet Negan as he begins to show off that he truly means every word he says and if you don’t believe him, well, there are going to be consequences.
Sadly, this is uttered in the ways of not one but two fan favourite characters hitting home runs under Lucille, Negan’s prized barbed wire baseball-bat.

The muscle of the crew Abraham is sadly the first to meet his maker in one of the most heart-pounding and tense as hell episodes as we the viewer take a front seat with Rick as he is made an utter dog on a leash of, having to under go sick torture fun from our new villain. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there – as Rick comes across as still not believing Negan and all he says. Staying true to the comic material, we grossly see Glenn live out his last moments under the bat.

As the group visible shaken and distraught, the same can be said for us.
This is an absolute home-run of an episode for the 7th Season, depicting clear purpose and dread Negan brings to the table while breaking our leader Rick right in front of the screens.

This is clearly Jeffrey Dean Morgans episode as he echoes pure terror as he reigns over the group with a joking smile. He truly gives a stand out performances and will certainly be a force to be reckoned with throughout this season.

Episode one is without a shadow of a doubt one of the better episodes to date. Not holding back on the horror and gore related to the show – we were left clenching our teeth and holding on to the arms of the chairs as the episode played out. With a great score echoing again, and some really stylish cinematography that really gets up in your face at times but is not over stylized or lavish – fans will really have fun harping back to the opener.

Forget Shane or The Governor. This is Negans town.

Nerd out!




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