The Curious Case of Chelsea Cain and Comic Book Fans!

If you have been following comic book news over the past few weeks you may have come across the news about Marvel’s Chelsea Cain. Cain is better known for her 8 part comic book series based on Mockingbird which is centered a strong female protagonist.

Cain has had to delete her twitter in recent weeks due to a string of abusive tweets from comic book fans aimed at her after she was standing up for herself. Her run with Mockingbird  was canned by Marvel and a string of tweets celebrating the end of the series came through on twitter. The Mockingbird  character was seen as a bit of a feminist character during Cain’ run, and a tweet Cain sent out urging people to buy the comic didn’t help matters.

The tweet which has been deleted along with her twitter account can be seen as follows: “Please buy Mockingbird #8 this Wed. Send a message to @marvel that there’s room in comics for super hero stories about grown-up women.” The message was accompanied by an alternate cover for the comic, featuring the title character in a shirt that read, “Ask Me About My Feminist Agenda.” The tweet certainly didn’t help with the trolling, it escalated the matters if anything, Cain woke up the next morning to find she had lost loads of followers.

“Overnight, I had lost thousands of followers. (I’d gone to bed with about 8500.) I had gained a thousand new followers. I had been tagged thousands of times. Comments were coming in, fast and furious, every second. I’d never seen anything like it. I saw a few of them – a lot of support, a lot of people yelling at one another – a lot of people mad at me for being too quick on the block button or too critical of comic book readers or being too feminist. A lot of them just seemed mad at women in general. I deactivated my account. I got up. I walked my dogs”

The comic book industry has been known for a being a tough industry for women to break into and that not enough female artists are been given the chance to prove themselves at the craft of writing comic books. We stand by Cain for her tweet, she was merely expressing her feelings about the fact that Mockingbird was being cancelled by Marvel, she did not deserve the abuse she got, and definitely did not deserve to be driven to the point of deleting her twitter. She was standing up for what she believes in, there was no need for the abuse she got. Comic books fans are always clamering for change and a shake up of the comic book industry, yet when a character is given a revamp and is being written by female writers there always seems to be an issue, they can never be pleased. Everyone deserves a chance and equality in the work place is a big thing these days.

Given how big an issue cyber bullying is these days, it is always a shame to see someone have to delete their twitter account for merely expressing herself on a certain matter. It is on going issue that is happening worldwide. Twitter themselves have vowed to bring in changes to that will help improve safety by November, but the question of whether it will help with cyber bullying is a question that remains to be answered. The Mockingbird series Vol 1 is in Amazon’s list of Best Seller’s in Marvel Comic and Graphic Novels so there is a demand for the comic, people do enjoying reading about a strong female protagonist, it’s just a shame Marvel themselves don’t see it that way.

We certainly stand by Cain in her beliefs, and don’t condone cyber bulling in anyway, for such an ongoing issues not much is being done to combat it.



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