Legends of Tomorrow S2 Episode 11 Title Hints At Major Shake Up!

The cast of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow are gearing up for the upcoming 4 way crossover event “Invasion!” which is due to kick off with Supergirl this coming Monday. The event will see the Legends team up with The Flash, Supergirl, and Arrow. However a title for an upcoming episode of Legends of Tomorrow hint that this “Invasion!” storyline might be the only big thing happening this season.

The following contains spoilers from Legends of Tomorrow season 1 and possible spoilers for the latter part of season 2, only read on if you have seen the first season or are curious as to what may happen.








A title for an upcoming episode may hint at a huge direction the show may take as well as hinting at a possible change in the teams line. Ever since the Legends dismantled the Time Lords in season one and took up the mantle of Time Lords themselves, the threads of a larger story line have slowly made there way into the shows second season.

As you can see in the Tweet from Legends producer Marc Guggenheim, episode 211 (season 2 episode 11) will be titled “Turncoat.” The implications of this  title are pretty strong, it hints that a member of the Legends team may be a traitor. Throughout season 2 there have been small hints that there could be an internal threat to the team, ever since Firestorm duo Jefferson Jackson and Martin Stein discovered an ominous warning from a future version of Barry Allen / The Flash.

The production date and the number of the episode would suggest that it will be the mid-season finale for the show. If this is indeed the case, then a previous piece of confirmed news may gives us a good clue as to what traitorous actions the episodes title are about.

It has been confirmed already that Wentworth Miller’s Leonard “Captain Cold” Snart would be returning from the dead in Legends of Tomorrow‘s mid-season finale. It has also been confirmed that he will be a part of the villainous group “The Legion of Doom” along with Damien Darhk, Reverse-Flash and and Malcolm Meryln.


If we piece two and two together, with Snart returning as a villain it could be him who is the traitor. However, it may not even be Snart, there is every chance it could be Dominic Purcell’s character Mick Rory aka Heatwave. Hopefully it isn’t Mick, as his character has developed a good bit in season two compared to the thinly drawn thug character he has been depicted as up until then. It would serve his character a much better purpose to have him battle against his former ally.

At this point though, it is hard to tell what is planned for the show and who exactly the traitor will be, we unfortunately just have to wait and see.


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