What If The Marvel Cinematic Universe Had It’s Own Flashpoint Paradox?

These days comic books fans and those who are engrossed in the comic book movie cinematic universe’s often question what would happen if certain aspects were tweaked, or if certain things were done differently. Some even question what would happen if Marvel and DC swapped some of their infamous storylines just to see what would happen.

One of the biggest storylines playing out in the DC TV Universe is the Flashpoint Paradox which kicked off at the end of season 2 and start of season 3 of The Flash. For those unfamiliar with the story line it is when Barry Allen choose to use the speed force and travel back in in time to save his mother from a horrible death. By doing so, Barry created an alternate timeline where things were very different from his home world. In the DC TV Universe were different than they were before even though Barry went back in time again to prevent himself from saving his mother to prevent Flashpoint from happening.

One curious fan, Alex Luthor wondered what would happen of the Marvel Cinematic Universe had its own Flashpoint in his latest YouTube video. The result of the fan made trailer for the show indicate that it would be disastrous and change the MCU forever. Looking at the video the responsibility of Flashpoint is rested on the shoulders of Captain America after his life is changed by Scarlett Witch.

For those wondering how this might play out, Luthor himself has provided some background to the video: “Scarlet Witch is the reason why this alternate universe thing happens. Captain America and here are the only ones that know that everything is changed.” 

In this Marvel Flashpoint, Captain America discovers he switched his allegiances during World War II to support Hydra. Tony Stark is leading the regiment, but Black Panther is keeping the fascist organization clear from its sacred Wakandan borders.

“Captain America wakes up in his doppelganger’s body, and he learns that Hydra has won World War 2, and his version of this reality actually helped Hydra win the war and conquer the world. Hydra is now and Empire, and Tony Stark is the emperor. Wakanda is one of the only places on Earth isn’t part of the Hydra empire. Black Panther leads his people in a war against Tony and his Hydra army. Mutants and super powered beings are being hunted by Hydra. Magneto is the leader of the resistance. Wolverine is part of the resistance too, but he was captured.”

The video shows that plenty of the characters in the MCU have pledged their allegiance to one side or the other, the Empire of the Resistance.

“Black Widow is a resistance spy that infiltrated Hydra, she is married to Captain America, and she is on a mission to kill him (the evil version of Capt). Both Spider-Man and Rhodey are part of the resistance and they stole suits and armor from Stark. Hulk is red and he is the Doomsday weapon for Hydra. Bucky is an assassins for Hydra. Loki rules Asgard, while Thor is missing. Ultron is actually something of a Vision in this reality, and he is not evil or good, he is on his own side.”

After everything that has happened it is up to Captain America to find Scarlett Witch and try to restore the world to what it once was and stop all the madness.

“After learning all this, Captain America tries to find Scarlet Witch, who is missing in this new reality. What will happen?”


So what do we think of this alternate MCU? It is certainly something that is a possibility in the realm of Marvel if they ever wanted to do something like it. Would you watch it? We here at Nerd Lowdown would be interested in watching. Credit to Alex Luthor for coming up with this alternate MCU, clearly spend a good bit of time coming up with it. We wonder is he would look at any other stories as big as this one?.



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