Enthuzimuzzy Creations: Nerdy Furniture and Other Geeky Goods – Review

If you’re like me then, then you will know what it feels like to want to add to the ever expanding collection of nerdy memorabilia. Whether it be games, comics, statues, anime, Pokémon cards, Pop Vinyls or let’s face it… all of the above.

Well sometimes those little pieces aren’t enough and you want something alittle more acidic on the Nerdy PH scale. Looking for such an item scrolling through Facebook I found Enthuzimuzzy Creations and I knew I had to get some of the furniture on display. Located in United Kingdom and run by Rebecca, (Artist, Seller, very witty and sweet lady) with an assortment of awesome furniture that you can customise, including lamps, chairs, tables, cabinets, as well as shoes and tote bags. I originally had my eye on one of the lamps she had available, but I went one step further and ordered a whole Gears of War Cabinet. (Yes, I have a problem)


Note: Gears of War is a video game third person shooter that focuses on conflict between humans and subterranean reptilian like humanoids. It’s gory, emotional and Epic (excuse the pun.. I hope you get the pun) I suggest you play!!!


Honestly the finished product exceeded my expectations. It was beautiful. (Sheds a tear) Rebecca did a wonderful job, listened to what I wanted and went above and beyond to make sure I got what I asked for and it arrived safely.



I was also pleasantly surprised that it did not cost me and arm and a leg to get either. (Not saying cheap) but very reasonably priced for something so…. cool.

As I said above you can get almost anything customised from Enthuzimuzzy Creations. Such a wonderful store with a fantastic seller and perfect to fill your own Batcave, Hogwarts, X-Mansion or Turtles Lair with all these awesome bits and pieces.

Check out Enthuzimuzzy Creations right here


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