Disney XD’s Big Hero 6 Animated Series Teaser Clip Released!

Disney XD are gearing up for a busy year with new tv shows this year. Not only are they debuting a new Spiderman tv show to coincide with the release of the animated Spiderman film being released by Sony this year, they are also bringing out a Big Hero 6 tv series, and we have recently been given a little teaser for the show which is due out in Autumn 2017.

The teaser doesn’t give us any footage from the show which is currently in production but it does give us our first look at Baymax everyone’s favorite healthcare companion. In this above teaser he has been transformed into a cookie with a glass of milk by his head. The lovable robot can be heard humming until he is sadly eaten away. While it is sad to see Baymax eaten, he does reveal what is hidden underneath him when he is eaten away, the logo for Big Hero 6: The Series while the emptied glass of milk reveals the logo for Disney XD.

The show which as mentioned above is set to land in Autumn 2017 is set immediately after the Big Hero 6 film. The show will follow Hiro and his gang after the 14year old Hiro starts attending the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. The squad will showdown with plenty of baddies while Hiro also deals with classroom rivals. So in a way this a sequel in it’s own way as an official sequel hasn’t been announced. It was also confirmed that the original voice cast from the film will return for the show as well.

Ryan Potter will reprise his role as Hiro while Scott Adsit returns as Baymax. Alan Tudyk will be back as Alistair Krei, Maya Rudolph returns as Aunt Cass, and Jamie Chung will return as Go Go. Also Genesis Rodriguez will return to play Honey Lemon and David Shaughnessy will cover Heathcliff. If that isn’t enough to get you excited, Stan Lee has joined the cast to voice Fred’s father. Stan the man will be part of the show which is a great addition to the cast.

Are you excited for the show? we certainly are and can’t wait for it to come out.



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