Five X-Men Characters Pierce Brosnan Could Play

The internet went into full tin foil hat rumour mode when Ireland’s very own Pierce Brosnan was pictured on a couch with none other than Deadpool and Wolverine aka Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman.

Wolvie. Bond. Wade.

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Of course, it should probably be assumed that the trio are merely pals, were together at a social engagement (it is awards season!) and took a few snaps with the intention of winding us all up. The second assumption, and the one that we’re going to take purely to get an article out of it and have a bit of theorising conspiracy fun is that the ex-James Bond actor is up for a role in the X-Men Universe. And we have a few roles that might suit Mr. Brosnan…


“Call me Summers… Nathan Summers” – The first thought that came to many people’s mind when they saw Brosnan, Reynolds & Jackman together is that Brosnan was up for the role of Cable. And they would be right to think so! You could even make an argument that Brosnan could be the middle-aged son of X-Men 1, 2 & 3 Cyclops actor James Marsden (sent to the future before returning with a deadly warning, of course). And the 007 references would be GLORIOUS!


The only thing we’d be concerned about casting Brosnan as Cable is that it would scream one-off appearance, where as Cable is rumoured to be an ongoing X-Men staple with the potential to star in future Deadpool & X-Men instalments as well as launching an X-Force movie. It would really be a question as to whether Brosnan would be committed to what could be a five or six film deal…

Mr. Sinister

It was revealed in the end-credits scene of X-Men: Apocalypse that reps from the Essex Corporation had paid a visit to the Weapon X facility to obtain a vial of Wolverine’s DNA. For hardcore X-Men fans, they knew instantly that this tease not only signalled X-23 in the near future but the potential introduction of Nathaniel Essex aka Mr. Sinister. Mr. Sinister was a 19th Century born scientist transformed by Apocalypse and given a range of telepathic & telekinetic powers along with virtual immortality – or at least that’s the TL;DR version!


Unlike Cable, Mr. Sinister could certainly be seen as a more one-off role given that super villains don’t always tend to get a second outing (unless you’re Loki or Magneto…) but it is a role that Pierce Brosnan would be a perfect fit. An ideal candidate to play a classy businessman/scientist with an alter ego of evil. If Brosnan was interested in a couple of appearances, thanks to the ageless nature of Mr. Sinister you can place him as a villan anywhere in the convoluted X-Men timeline.

Oh, and he also created Madelyne Pryor, the clone of Jean Grey and mother of Cable. Just saying.

Professor X

No, don’t close down this article and sigh just yet… NO… GIMME DAT… STOP! We know this is mad but hear us out. At least so far as we know, Logan is to be Patrick Stewart’s last hurrah as Charles Xavier and James McAvoy’s contract is up meaning he may not ever appear again as Professor X despite hinting that he would be up for it (SR). The X-Movies will obviously need to go on and with a new Professor.


IF Brosnan is appearing in Deadpool 2, we MIGHT finally get to see inside of the X-Mansion and we know the Professor wanted to see him when Colossus was dragging him away. Let’s say the Deadpool franchise actually plays by its own rules and doesn’t need to inherently tie in to main canon too tightly. Brosnan could appear as Professor X quite easily if this is the case. It really would be a fleeting cameo if only to make a few James Bond in a wheelchair or “Hey, why aren’t you the other guys?” jokes. Should there be any need for Deadpool to interact with Stewart/McAvoy in the future again, then simply flash back to that moment and show that it was actually the same person all along and Deadpool was simply imagining it was Brosnan. Convoluted, but hilarious.

Older Hank McCoy

Sure, we already had an older Dr. Hank McCoy/Beast in the X-Men films played by Kelsey Grammer. We also have a younger Beast/McCoy in Nicholas Hoult. We also know that Hoult’s iteration of the character had a certain element of control over when he goes into Beast-mode while we never saw Grammer’s version in human form. Throw in that Days of Future Past meddled with the time line a bit and offered a return for Grammer’s character as seen in the final scenes when Logan wakes up in the X-Mansion.


Therefore, we can perhap say that it is possible that with some time-line meddling that post-Days of Future Past and up to the new timeline where Jean Grey & Cyclops are still alive, that Beast still self-medicated to stay in his human form on occasions. Brosnan could potentially play a present day Hank McCoy in human form, filling in as an older Nicholas Hoult. Sure, we’re clutching at straws again with this one but at this rate nothing is impossible in the X-Men Movie Universe.


Forge is a mutant who possesses a genius level intellect, superhuman talents with technology and mechanics and is a dab hand with a rifle. He also has a cybernetic leg and arm after he lost the limbs in the Vietnam War and to top it off; when Tony Stark decided to leave the weapons game, Forge was hired by the US Government to take Stark’s place. Pierce Brosnan could also prove a dead ringer for the character.


Another major factor in the inclusion of Forge going forward in the X-Men Universe is that he was one of the founding members of X-Force, a movie which the Deadpool franchise is set to launch. Brosnan may not be Cable, but he sure as hell could be starring along side him!

As for the overall rumours of Brosnan taking on the role of Cable, Rob Liefeld (creator of Deadpool) had this to say about the role itself.

But there you have it, there’s our picks! Some serious, some not so serious but fun nonetheless! Sound off in the comments if you think of anyone else!


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