Gotham Takes Big Step Towards Bringing [SPOILER] Into The Show!

Gotham is now in its second week since it’s return from its mid-season break, the premier episode for the second half of season 3 ended with customers eagerly awaiting this weeks episode. We can confirm that this weeks episode did not disappoint, it continued to plunge Gotham deeper into chaos and also took a big step towards bringing a certain character or more so a certain ideology into the show.

For those who have not seen this weeks or last weeks episode of Gotham it does contain SPOILERS! Do not continue to read this is you haven’t watched them.











Gotham took a huge step towards bringing the Joker into the show fully fledged, or at least it seems as though they are bringing him in. While it has been heavily hinted that Jerome would go on to become the Joker, it has never been officially confirmed, this could be due to the shows for-runners not wanting to give away such a big plot spoiler or because they are not planning on having Jerome become the clown prince of crime. With the resemblances in mannerism and attitude towards Gotham, it would be a shame if Jerome did not turn out to be the Joker.

This weeks episode of Gotham entitled “Smile Like You Mean It” added more fuel to the fire that Jerome would become the Joker, and also to something the shows producers have hinted at before in that they will be introducing a Joker ideology into the show rather than the character itself. They took a big move towards introducing the ideology in this weeks episode, as it introduce a cult with a Joker like attitude, a love for anarchy and a complete disregard for law and order, they also happen to worship Jerome. A huge indication towards them fitting in with the Joker ideology, it the logo they leave around Gotham which symbolism their beliefs, which as you can see below is a set of eyes and a mouth in red made up of laughter ie: hahahaha


While this cult tag or logo resembling the Joker or his personality could be sheer coincidence, but lets be honest, it’s more deliberate than anything. The show is definitely leaning towards this Joker ideology in that they are hinting that anyone could be the Joker to a certain extent even though the show has Jerome who is in all but name the Joker. Speaking of Jerome and how the show took a step towards bringing the Joker into the show is Jerome’s new look. Given that he was murdered in season 2, Jerome’s followers brought him back from the dead, while there was a little bit of a delay in his reanimation, one of his followers, Dwight Pollard, cut of Jerome’s face to wear over his own to rally the followers into think they were all Jerome. When the man himself does awake from the dead we him with bandages over his face to cover up his lack of face so to speak, which is very reminiscent of the New 52 version of the Joker where he wears his face as a mask, which Jerome himself does when he staples it back on to his face.



You can see in both the above photos the before and after of Jerome when he is without his face and when he staples it back on. At this stage the only thing he is missing is the purple suit, the green hair and bleached white skin. From his mannerism to this lack of concern to law and order, even to his ability to see the funny side of things (even him being killed) Jerome is pretty damn close to the Joker. Whether the show will pull the trigger and have him go fully fledged Joker remains to be seen, fans of the show and of the comic books would be hoping they pull the trigger as it is all they are short of doing. It will be interesting to see as season 3 continues to play out what exactly they will do with the character and how much more will they add to him.


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