Biggest Questions From The Avengers Project Teaser Trailer!

In case you missed it yesterday, Marvel made a huge announcement, they announced that they would be teaming with Square Enix to bring us a series of Marvel videos games. When it was announced, the internet exploded at the thought of what games would be made. As well as announcing the collaboration, we also go a teaser for the first game which is under the working title The Avengers Project.

The short trailer which is just shy of a minute set the fans off, with plenty of speculation and plot theories flooding the internet. In this article we take a look at some of the big questions coming out of the teaser.

Will Bruce Banner/The Hulk Play a big role?

The trailer opens with a set of broken glasses in the foreground which then pans out to reveal a massive container which has been busted open looking like something, or someone escaped from it. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the glasses more than likely belong to Bruce Banner aka The Hulk, especially when you see the container in the back ground. The question coming from trailer is will Banner/The Hulk play a big or central role in the game? The character was part of the original Avengers line up and has been a key member of the group for years. One would have to wonder how much Banner/The Hulk will factor into the game, the character could be a villain of sorts, who knows, its hard to tell at this point as there is little to no information about the game released bar the teaser.


Who is the narrator?

The teaser is narrated by a female character, but who is it? There are plenty of possibilities as to who this may be, it could be Black Widow, Scarlett Witch, Captain Marvel, Pepper Potts, Maria Hill, or it may even be a normal citizen who is narrating the downfall and reassembling of The Avengers.


What happen to The Avengers?

 If this trailer is one thing, it’s dark, dark in every way. The tone of the narration, the pace of the teaser, the background music. The teaser itself is nothing but a survey of the aftermath of what appears to be a battle conceded. We see Thor’s hammer rests in rubble, Iron Man’s arm lay immobile and impotent in the mud, Cap’s shield lying in with some rubbish and the trailer finishes with a broken Avengers logo coming together in pieces which could suggest that the team is broken. There is also the hashtag #Reassemble, which could signify that the team are scattered and broken, the whole purpose of the game could be to work to bring them back together.


Will it tie into the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

This is perhaps the biggest question coming from the trailer, will it tie into the MCU or would it be it’s own story? At first fans though it could possibly tie in with Avengers: Infinity War, maybe at the end of the next Avengers sequel the team are left broken and scattered after the battle with Thanos, there was the speculation that this game could tie in with the end of the next movie and bridge some of the gap between that and the fourth Avengers film. Square Enix have since come out and set that the game will have an original story, but while it may have it’s own story, there is still the chance it could tie in with the MCU in some way, even if it’s only through Easter Eggs or something.

At this stage there is nothing but wide speculation as to what the plot of the game will be, how big the world will be, even what type of game it will. There is no idea of when the game is coming out, one could probably guess that it will be out in 2018 to coincide with the release of Avengers: Infinity War, but we are all certainly hoping that it comes out before the years end as we certainly can’t wait that long.

Did you pick up on any other questions the trailer raised? let us know.



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