Team Rocket Beat Ash For The First Time Ever!

The Pokemon anime has been running for 20 years now, and for 20 years those crafty Team Rocket members Jesse, James and Meowth have been trying to beat Ash Ketchum and his Pikachu so they can capture the latter. For 20 years they have tried and for 20 years they have failed…… until now.

Team Rocket have finally defeated Ash and his Pikachu in a Pokemon battle for the first time ever. Yes you have read that correctly, this is not a hoax, they have finally done it. It all went down in the latest episode of the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime series Team Rocket finally done the unthinkable.


So here is how it went down, Ash ran into Jessie and James during a day at the beach, just after James befriended a Mareanie. Ash, assumed that Team Rocket was up to no good as they normally are, sent his Rowlet and Pikachu to chase the pair off.

This season however things are different than normal, Team Rocket have surprisingly strong Pokemon in this season. In addition to the poisonous Mareanie, Jessie also caught a rage-driven Mimikyu that hates Pikachu as it wants the attention and admiration that Ash’s Pikachu gets. While Pikachu and Mimikyu squared off in a battle, Mareanie downed Rowlet with a Sludge Bomb. Pikachu soon gets knocked out by Mimikyu,  ending the fight as Ash doesn’t have any other Pokemon to use. They finally done it.

Team Rocket are understandably in shock, as they’ve just decisivily won their first Pokemon battle against Ash ever. James starts to cry, while Jessie goes into a full on maniacal celebration. Meanwhile, Mimikyu sees an opportunity to finish off Pikachu and goes for a killing blow against Pikachu, yup a Pokemon is activily trying to kill another Pokemon.

However, before Mimikyu can finish off Pikachu and Team Rocket has a chance to do anything with their victory, they’re interrupted by the wild Bewear they’ve befriended in recent episodes which spoils the moment.

The Pokemon: Sun and Moon anime series have broken one of the long standing norms of the show by having Team Rocket defeat Ash, will this be a once off or will they continue to break the norm? Will they finally have Ash win the Pokemon League? Will he finally age? or maybe even nab himself a girlfriend? It is hard to tell with the creative minds behind the show have in store, but if this monumental moment is anything to go by, the rest of the season is sure to be interesting.


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